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Thread: Philly INK

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    Went to the phantoms game last night. They were auctioning off the retro style jerseys they were wearing. I had bids on my main dude (Noebels) and one of my wife's favorites (Lilja). some dude came up started a bidding war on Noebels. just as it was almost at my max guy who was bidding me goes "How high you going" so I figured I'd try and "scare" him. I was like "I'm going for blood" dude goes ok. picks the pen up and jumps it from $300 to $550 I was like its yours. so then I went to Lilja to complete my bidding there. Would up only going up once and got it for $400. They took the jerseys right off their back signed them and brought them up to us. After a few minutes they took whomever waited around down to the lower area to make a "High Five Tunnel" we were able to stand there and as the players went by they stopped signed auto's and talked with a few people. The autograph collector in me was pissed I wasn't prepared cause the entire team walked by me I could have made a nice piece. Noebels came up to me because I was wearing his jerseys that I had done up. We chatted for a few and he was like so did you win mine. I was like sadly no some guy wanted it more. He was like oh well next time. Was really cool he was chatting for like 5 mintues with us. He then went to the bus. Lilja came out, who's jersey I won. I asked him to sign the photo that they gave us with the jersey. It was just his headshot on a piece of cardboard. He signed took a few pics and even chatted with us. He is such a down to earth guy and REALLY awesome. I'll post pics of it later. but I wanted to share my story.

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    Bummer you didn't get the jersey you wantd, but thats still an awesome day, congrats!!!!

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    Meh... at least I got one... I was bidding on Lilja from the gate but it was mainly for my wife who likes Lilja. Losing Noebels kinda stung for a moment. But the fact that I got to have a convo with him while waiting for Lilja was pretty sweet...

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    just bought 2 ticketsfrom stub hub to all three Sixers bobble head games for 8 dollars each. what a shame!!!

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    Went to the Sixers game tonight against the Heat and was pleasantly surprised to see half the teams still shooting around when they opened the doors. I ended up getting Jrue, Evan, Lavoy, Spencer, and Nick Young. Fantastic day besides getting killed against the heat of course.

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    Congrats on the Sixers hauls, good stuff all around.

    Anyone know what time they usually announce the Flyers practice info?
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    Twitter.. they dont have practice today... a few guys may show up but they have no scheduled ice time..

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    Thanks dude. Where did you see that at. I was stalking twitter and their website still says nothing scheduled for the 22nd, Friday.

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    Follow Sam Carchidi @broadstbull. He'll usually post practice times when they announce them, or tweet you back if you ask him when it is.
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    Thanks Mike. I just hit him up. Hopefully we hear something my son was pretty pumped when I told him we might go

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