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Thread: Philly INK

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    FYI Ricky bottico isn't coming. To my Greene filing in

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    Quote Originally Posted by bishop19 View Post
    EJ just told me on FB that guys were there today, so I got in touch w/someone who goes ever yr & he said its today & tomorrow. Never heard of it being 2 days but I'm really pissed b/c I put in for a sick day & might be able to pull it & go to work still but not sure if its worth going up tomorrow. Every yr I plan on going & get screwed b/c other autographers want to be all secretive about it & not help others out. Same thing happened to me last yr, I was told the wrong day by someone & I missed it.
    that really sucks. i know in the past its been 2 days after. i wanted to go last year and could have gone if it was the day after the last game but it wasnt. sucks that people have been giving you bad info too

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    Finally got to meet some of you guys at Granite Run on Saturday. Nice job with the collection of items for Jeff Bauman, and getting the card signed by many of the athletes there too. I only got stuff from Ricky Watters and Bryce Brown, but it seemed like Charlie Garner had a pretty good line when I walked past.

    I believe it was Ryan I spent a bunch of time talking with in First & Goal following all the signers. See you guys again at the Phillies Phestival.

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    I hope you guys made out great with the Jeff Bauman stuff. Sorry I couldn't make it to pitch in a hand.
    Hey, I figured I'd start a Philly Ink ttm thread in the Successes section for Philly Ink guys. Just another way to help us along with the collection.
    I NEED 02/03 Topps Heritage Calder Cloth cards!!!
    Always looking for signed Philadelphia Sports Illustrateds!
    Have an odd Richie Ashburn item? I might want it!
    Looking for 66-67 Topps Hockey

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    Quote Originally Posted by slitz View Post
    as expected, Ruiz was brutal in Reading. i only went for post game but was told he didnt sign anything pregame. after the game we didnt even acknowledge anyone while walking off the field. when leaving the stadium, security pulled his vehicle literally 3 feet from the door to block out fans. I was one of 2 people in that 3 feet of space between the clubhouse door and his car and he ignored us. apparently a few people snuck into his post game press conference and got him in there. that was it. i imagine it will be more of the same tonight, since he is headed to NY postgame. not even gonna bother

    otherwise i did well. got biddle, hewitt, collier and rupp on 8x10s and murphy on the game program
    That is crazy how hard he is to get now. I was in Sarasota for ST in 2007 (Reds vs Phillies) and I was the only person who called Ruiz over to sign (I'm not even a Phillies fan, but know most MLB players). Guy was nice as can be while drinking a beer and signing the team ball lol.
    I collect vintage in all sports and rookies. However, I do love any Red Sox, Bears, Penguins or Celtics that I need for PC! Need 1959 Topps Baseball cards for a set (ending stages). My cards come from smoke free environment, so please be upfront if your cards are not. Also if your cards are creased or bent, be honest about it.

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    I got him in spring training 2011 and he was tough. I was the only one watching Jose contreras throw a bullpen session to ruiz. When it was over I called them both over. Contreras signed the photo (the photo was of contreras and ruiz together). Contreras looks at Ruiz, who doesn't sign. Contreras starts to hand the photo back to me. I say "Mr. Ruiz, can you sign too?"

    He hesitated then took the marker and signed it. IDK why the guy is so tough. He's just a step above scrub status, and a PED using one at that.

    SI cover went to his head.

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    I had him one on one in Spring Training 2012 in Sarasota. He walked out of the lockerroom like 5 seconds after Papelbon, who everyone was chasing. I needed him for a an '08 team set and asked him if he could sign. He didn't even look at me, just shook his head and said no. I guess I should be happy that he even acknowledged me then.

    I was also at the pre-game in Reading on Friday when it was only me and one other person, still trying to get him to sign for my team set. Like Slitz said, his personal car pulled to within feet of the back entrance. Me and the other guy said his name a few times and he didn't even look over.

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    Hey guys I was told tomorrow is locker clean out. Today was just physicals and a team meeting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by slitz View Post
    that really sucks. i know in the past its been 2 days after. i wanted to go last year and could have gone if it was the day after the last game but it wasnt. sucks that people have been giving you bad info too
    Same thing happened to me last yr. was told it was the day after. I already had off, but might've been able to switch days if I knew it was 2 days after. I know its all 2nd & 3rd hand info people are giving me & therefore not always accurate, but definitely some dodginess by some people i talk to in this hobby. Anyway, looks like I'm screwed anyway w/the rain but I'm going anyway & hope I get a break in the weather. Ill probably be the only one there

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    Anyone have any suggestions for a place to order 16x20 Phillies photos for the Phestival? I have most of the stars on balls, so I'm looking to start some photos. Preferably ones suitable for multiple signatures. I couldn't find anything decent online, I haven't had a chance to check out bcsports store yet.

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