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    Got ripped off by a guy who's now a member. What can I do?

    Just found a guy on the site that I dealt with in the past. He was a seller on eBay of box/case breaks selling teams/divisions. He would put his price on eBay the say email an offer. He'd then give a better price outside eBay. I purchased the raptors on a gold standard case break & got a few cards 1 jersey. I also purchased the NFC east in a national treasures box break (had to wait long time for him to sell all divisions) & got 2 base & 3 jerseys. I assumed he would mail all together. He youtubes all the breaks & says whos getting each cards (he always has nfc north) Gave him few weeks nothing. Emailed him several times no response. Then I find him on here & in his bucket are cards from the break that were supposed to go to others (Ochocinco NT auto 4/5 etc) so I'm guessing a few others were screwed over too. I'm pm'd him & he responded saying he had been in an accident & lost his eBay auctions & screwed outta 2 grand by pay pal. He told me to contact pay pal. Problem is how far does pay pal go back? because its been months. Any ideas on what I can do.

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    It seems a lot of people get burned with these "group breaks". Hopefully, you learned your lesson...

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    dont by GB spots unless said person hosting it is reputable. i hope i dont get in trouble here, but Cloutsnchara runs great GBs. always get something, if you get shutout they send you something. After no response was given a paypal claim should have been made immediately. You got burned, PM a mod or someone with his username, and his bucket. as well as links to the cards he has FT being broken in these "Group Breaks"

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    I don't think there is anything that SCF can do to help you. You can place him on your ignore list in the User CP. But contact a mod and see if they can help you out.

    For PayPal you probably will not be able to file a claim because it has been months like you said. You got burned. I would say if you didn't receive your cards within the normal amount of time it normally takes you should of filed a claim.
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