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Thread: Vintage HOFers for trade

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    Vintage HOFers for trade

    All are Topps unless stated otherwise. Looking for Vintage in return:

    1951 Bowman #1 Whitey Ford Graded 4.0 VG+ and #2 Yogi Berra, plus Phil Rizzuto, Larry Doby and Duke Snider
    1954 Aaron RC #128 Fair to Good

    1933 Goudey: Simmons, Traynor, Manusch, Cuyler, Frisch, Lazzeri

    1933 Goudey: Several including some low numbers- contact if interested
    1946-64 Exhibit: Spahn (B hat), Berra, Ashburn, plus just got about 50 in an auction including Willie Mays and Sandy Koufax
    1955 Bowman: #1 Wilhelm G/VG #38 Early Wynn 103Mathews 134Feller 158Hodges #177 Robin Roberts, plus most of the high number umpires
    1957: NL/AL Presidents #100; #203 Wilhelm
    1958: Birdies Belters with F Robinson EX+; #420 Pinson RC EX but pinhole; #476 Musial AS VG/E; plus many more updated in recent post
    1959: 349Wilhelm, 390Cepeda, several high number All Stars, Mathews G/VG
    1960: Ford VG but writing Gibson G, Aparacio VG; 230 Mound Magicians with Spahn Ex+; #332 Yanks Team Card; 420Mathews Ex
    1961 Fleer Baseball Greats: #68 Mel Ott; #123 Connie Mack
    1961 Topps: Checklists in NM: 98; 41 LL w/Mays/Clemente VG; 45 NL ERA with Drysdale; 144 Cepeda G/VG; #207Dodger Southpaws with Koufax; 306WS; 308WS; 310WS, 313WS, 437CL Ex; 476 Jensen AS NM, 485Banks MVP; 503 Francona E/NM; 516 CL; 460Hodges VG/E;
    62: Musial G/VG World Series 232/236 Ex 235WS Ford; 208 Martin Ex; 469Aparacio AS; 516 checklist no marks EX
    61 Post Cereal: 6 Ford Ex; 107 Aaron G creased; 145Mays; McCovey
    62 Post Cereal: 6 Maris; 7 Berra VG/E 85Killebrew VG; 136Cepeda EX+ 147Mathews VG; 173Clemente G;

    1962 Salada Coins: several including Elston Howard, Whitey Ford, Bill Skowron, Bobby Richardson, Ralph Terry
    63: 18 Buc Blasters w/Clemente; 54 DeBuschere RC; 68Friendly Foes; 108 Wilhelm; WS 145 146 148 EX; 13 Phils TC NM; 163 Kaat; 275 Mathews
    64: #1 KoufaxLL EX; #6 AL Strikeout VG; #11 NL RBI with Aaron VG/E; 182 Sox Sockers with Yaz E/NM; 244 LaRussa RC; #548 NL RC NM; 125Pete Rose (being graded but should be NM)
    65: #4 NL HR w/ Mays; #16 Morgan RC; 95Mazeroski; WS 133WS Ex 193 Perry; 200Torre; 206 Rose F; 220BWilliams G; 385Yaz; 470Berra F; 519Uecker RC NM;
    66: #1Mays F/G; #34CL no marks; #36Hunter RC F 90Aparicio; 120Killebrew G; 130Torre Ex; 132Cepeda F; #215 NL LL Mays/Clemente VG; #195Morgan Vg, 210Maz 290Santo NM; 420Marichal Vg,
    67: #1Champs Vg, 30Kaline g/vg; 60Aparicio; 156WS ; 216Bengal Belters w/ Kaline; 278 CL NM;
    68: #1 LL Clemente NM; #6 LL Yaz/Killebrew Ex/NM; #7 NL LL E/NM; #80 Carew VG/crease; #144 Morgan Ex; 156WS Mint; #205Marichal, #310Aparacio Ex+; #364Morgan AS, #370Aaron AS Ex, #373FRobinson AS E/NM; #378 Gibson AS NM;
    1968 Topps Game: #5 Killebrew; #7 F Robinson
    69: #4LL; #75 Aparacio Ex; #216 Sutton Ex; #370Marichal VG ; Drysdale Exc but writing; 216 Sutton Ex+; 295 Perez NM; 355 Niekro NM; 330 Conigliaro NM; 370 Marichal VG; 400 Drysdale Fair; 419Carew AS, 421BRobinson AS, NM, 426 Flood AS NM; 501 Gonzalez WHITE LETTERS Fair creased
    1970 Kelloggs 3D: Robinson Vg/E
    70: #1Mets Team VG/E 67 LL NM 70LL NM RJackson F/G ; Seaver VG Banks Ex but writing on back; 75 Kaat Ex; 250McCovey Ex+ ; #330Brock VG/Ex; 450McCovey AS g/vg, 454Santo AS NM; 500 Aaron G/vg
    1970 T Super: Niekro Ex+ Mays NM
    1971 T Super: Clemente, Gibson, McCovey
    71: #1Orioles TC; 45Hunter VG; 50McCovey; 61LL Yaz; 197WS VG Carew Ex Wilhelm Ex ; 220 Santo NM; 61LL Yaz NM;72 LL Seaver NM; #264Morgan NM; 331WS with BRobinson; 380Ted Williams; 543Yanks Team; 633 AL RC
    72: #1 Pirates TC NM; Mays In Action P 88LL NM 100Robinson 90LL Reggie Jackson VG; 95 LL Seaver VG; NM Palmer Ex Aaron In Action Ex Munson NM 445 Seaver Ex+; #448 Stargell IA NM; #330 Hunter Ex; 226 WS Clemente VG; 237 Yanks Team NM; 568 Marichal NM; 635 ROY Card G/VG
    73: Robinson G FJenkens NM BWilliams NM WS208 VG/E Garvey NM Hunter NM Kaline NM GPerry NM
    74: #1Aaron G/VG #2Aaron NM TRADED #6Aaron NM TRADED Bench VG/E TRADED GPerry Ex TRADED FRobinson Ex TRADED Aparacio NM RJackson F Kaline E Yaz VG/E TRADED Gibson NM TRADED; #87Jenkins; 5 different Washington National variations all NM
    75: Kaline HL EX Ryan HL Ex+ Blyleven Ex Garvey VG/E 307-313 LL cards including Ryan ExNM; #200 Mantle MVP; #195 Mantle/Aaron MVP Fair creased
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    please check me for 59 kaline
    Because of work-related travel, I ship once per week.


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    59 Kaline

    Quote Originally Posted by thebradau View Post
    please check me for 59 kaline
    My 59 Kaline is off grade but I'm certainly willing to make a good deal on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tnvolfan88 View Post
    My 59 Kaline is off grade but I'm certainly willing to make a good deal on it.
    my copy has stapleholes in it so i can use an upgrade. how are the corners and are there any creases?
    Because of work-related travel, I ship once per week.


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    Are these still available?

    70: Mets Team VG/E
    72 Seaver Ex+
    1975 Blyleven Ex
    1973 Hunter NM
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    Added 74 Rose in NM; 59 Banks; 61 Gibson in NM; 61 Richardson; 60 Mound Magicians with Spahn; 64 Sox Sockers with Yaz in E/NM; 67 Santo; 72 Yanks Team in NM; 75 Mantle MVP in E/NM. Still have many of the above.

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    I never received a pm.LMK if these are still available and if selling is an option,thanks

    ''72 Munson NM Seaver Ex+
    ''73 FJenkens NM
    ''73 Garvey NM Hunter NM
    ''74 Bench VG/E
    ''75: Kaline HL EX Ryan HL Ex+ Blyleven Ex Garvey VG/E 307-313 LL cards including Ryan ExNM

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    what is the trade value of the 1970 Topps Super Willie Mays?

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    Many still available! Picked up a 62 Maris #1 if off grade but a great historical card nevertheless. Also picked up the 59 Ernie Banks plus some REALLY NICE 59 high numbers including a couple of the All Star cards. Also have some 51-52-53 Bowman and topps commons, including a nice 52 T Larry Doby.

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