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    Thumbs up These nice cards ft or fs...

    id prefer to trade these, for baeball or basketball... ill give you a pretty good deal also, cause these prices are pretty stable, and i dont collect much football these cards ar from the 1998 playoff momentum set, the class reunion insert.. th cards are 3.5'' by 5''.. four players on each card, 2 per side...

    bruce smith/jerry rice/doug flutie/andre reed bv50
    jake plummer/antowain smith/warrick dunn/corey dillon bv40
    seth joyner/ray brown/keith byars/leslie oneal bv25
    chris carter/vinny testaverde/jim harbaugh/rod woodson bv25
    michael irvin/neil smith/tim brown/chris chandler x2 bv25ea
    mark chmura/brad johnso/carl pickens/robert brooks bv25
    jeff hostetler/reggiewhite/steve young/irving fryar bv25

    lmk if anyones interested in one, or more

    :hop: :hop::hop:

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