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    Lookin For McNabb GU or Autos....

    Need to find some of this stuff for my brother....Please let me know what you have and what you want in return....Thanks


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    All I have is his 99 Edge 1st Place Hologold RookieGear #RG2 bv $12. I want something g-u, rc or auto about same price.
    , preferrably in baseball but will consider football.

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    hey shandi, do you have more than one of that card? I'd be interested in one, but I don't want to steal a trade from boneyard, since this is his thread. If it turns out you have a second, or he doesn't want it, I'd be interested.

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    sHANDI. ANY CERTAIN PLAYER?? Is the card Mint???LMK


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    card is mint and in screwdown loader. I really don't have a favorite except for a-rod and v. guerrero and I know your not going to have anything in that price range too much. LMK what you have to offer.

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    I have A V Guerrero 2001 Fleer Showcase ADVAVT card, i think that who made it..BV 8, last i checked...and ill throw in a 4 dollar a-rod...Im at work right now so i cant see my cards....I do have about 10-12 Guerrero cards..Ill hook you up....LMK

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    sorry, as for a-rod or guerrero I have about 2800 cards and just looking for autos that I can afford. Anything else of other players?

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    how about a 2003 Bowman Drew Henson Futures Game Jersey and a 2 dollar card for the McNabb....LMK

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    Very Nice Cards....i Like:
    2002 Fleer Prem Team Jersey McNabb bv 15
    2002 Fleer Box Score Yard Markers McNabb bv 15
    2002 Fleer Box Score Press Clippings Harrison bv 10
    2002 Donruss Leather Kings Rice bv 30

    What are you lookin for in trade...I really loke those cards..LMK


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