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Thread: Nascar fan packs

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    Nascar fan packs

    Can someone direct me in the right direction with these? Who sends them out etc.? I have never tried racing ones before and am interested in doing so.

    Thank you!

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    Now this was a long time ago but I once emailed Team Red Bull racing and requested a fanpack (I like Red Bull so I was hoping to get maybe a poster or something) and they sent me two hero cards signed by Brian Vickers and Scott Speed which was awesome!

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    Dale JR and Gordon will both send fanpacks that include some nice items like baseball caps. I believe you join their fan cubs to get them. Many of the racers will actually send a signed hero card should you mail them a request with a stamped self addressed 9x12. Look up their websites and look for contact info.
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    If you email some of the sponsors like Pepsi,Coke,Ford Chevy & so on they sometimes send hero cards of the drivers.

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