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    02/03 Fleer Platinum Bought For $36.50!

    What a deal! Lowest I've seen that box go on EBay and Im the one lucky enough to land it! For $44.50($8 shipping), I got a box of Fleer Platinum 02-03 sent to my door....

    Anyone got a box of this set for lower?

    What kind of luck have some of you had with this set? Tell me about the breaks and busts that you've experienced.... !

    Now, if I could only land a box of 02-03 SP Authentic for $50, Id be set!

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    I got my box from Dave and Adam's Card World for $33 + like $8 shipping. I don't think they have that deal anymore though. I only got 1 gu instead of the promised 2, and I heard of other people who had this problem too. However most boxes are pretty good, and if you pull a Nameplates card then you should get around your moneys worth.

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    Was that GU any good? Or was it some no name player?

    What about the regular cards in the set? Get anything good there? Any solid rookies?

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    What did you get?

    Any good GUs/Autos?

    Any good Rookies?

    Was it worth the $60?

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    I paid 50 when it first came the cardshop tho no shipping

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    i paid the same price as you and i bought it off Ebay. I only got a Drew Gooden Nameplate Jersey...nothing else worth getting happy over.

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    yea I bought a half case of platinum and it turned out really good. Got mine for about $35 a box. Pulled a total of 8 patches which 6 of them being nameplates and 2 being platinum portraits.
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    i got 4 gu cards. a kevin garnett nameplates (tradin), vine carter p. portraits jersey, shane battier p. portraits jersey, and a kevin garnett p. portraits jersey, all for 51 including shipping.

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    Did any of you guys get any good rookies? Thats what Im really hoping for.... Anything Ming, Stoudemire, or Ginobili would be nice.... Get any rookies?

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