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    question about aaron rodgers rookie

    how many aaron rodgers 2005 sp authentic patch autos /99 were redeemed i know it was only redeemable for 1 year does anyone know a rough estimate of how many actually were? and what is a good price to pay for one graded a 9?

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    I answered you in your trading thread, but I follow them pretty closely. A single color BGS 9 like the one on ebay right now is probably going to run you about $2500. Wudeverbro purchased a 2 color ungraded one a couple months ago and I'm pretty sure he payed right in that neck of the woods. As far as how many were redeemed, I would say nearly all of them have been redeemed or sent out as replacements. Being numbered to 99 (100 copies less than the exquisite) it is by far his best rookie card.

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