Awesome.Makes things a lot easier to do partial sets.Thanks again for the help.

If you use set page, you can set all cards at 1 quantity then a bit like in excel you can modify this value. Look at the action combobox and in the set utility section select "Set quantity to 1 minimum". Then you can use the header top right check box to select all cards of this set and select edit the selected cards. Then for each cards selected it let you change the quantity (you can set some back at zero), If it's a PC and the book value for each cards. Also for large set I suggest that you modify 50 to 100 cards max to prevent loosing your work. You save it and then go back where you were at. Can be very convenient when adding base cards from large sets. But other then set feature you have to add cards 1 by 1.

A trick I also use from the main cards search inventory page is to use the icon but with the middle mouse button that actually add a cards but it open a new tab so you stay on the current tab. This is useful like when working with a player's list of cards. Just faster since you do not have to wait for the page to open and can proceed right away to adding other cards.