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    Tagging Cards with Teams in Your Inventory

    After adding cards to your inventory you can tag teams to each card. A video of this feature can be seen here.

    For example, if you upload some Matt Ryan football cards you can tag these cards with the "Atlanta Falcons." This will allow other SCF members to search the Atlanta Falcons tag and find your cards. SCF also give members 0.1 Card Cash for each card you tag with a team.

    See our tutorial on adding cards to your inventory here. After uploading cards, click on the Inventory Manager at the top left of SCF.

    From there in the My Inventory tab click on the Set Team on the right column.

    This will randomly pick untagged cards from your inventory and allow you to set a team tag to each. Here is an example of my inventory:

    At the top you will be able to sort the cards by category and you will see how many cards you have untagged. For my inventory I have 449 cards in it and 7 do not have a team tagged to it. Simply view the card to the left and click on the team associated with that card. Once you set the team to a card (or click skip card) another card will load until you run out of cards to tag.

    You have 24 hours to correct any errors with a card you tagged. Just below the team tagging screen you will notice "Review the card you have set in case you made a error." Click that and you will be able to review/edit any cards you have set for 24 hours after tagging. Finally, review the Team Project Explained and Simple Rules to Follow just bellow the tagging screen for more detailed instructions.
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    Coolest thing ever. I am tagging all of my cards. This is my nerd dream come true. Combining my sports obsession with my profession.

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    Is there an option for "USA baseball" as a team?

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    How do you remove a team you entered in error?
    Always looking for Senators cards! Must be a draft pick, or the card is identifiable as a Senators card before I want it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SenatorCollector View Post
    How do you remove a team you entered in error?
    there is an option to report errors for any card in the IM
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