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    Ebay Pictures and Scans - NOT Downloadable after Auction!!

    I just spoke to eBay costomer service, they have changed their formating of ended/closed items. You can no longer open/expand on the provided scans or pictures to copy or download images to save for incoming photo's. In order to do get the images currently you must copy/download them prior to the item ending. I guess they have had several complaints already, but hadn't planned on changing things yet. I told her that the sports cards & mem. section is probably going to clog their phone lines with complaints, and they should allow the pictures to expand. She said she would put it on the feedback of the new changes. So if you want a scan of an item for incoming pics, get them before the auction closes or you do a Buy it Now.

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    Sounds like ebay messing more stuff up...

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    I was going to post another cool Daniel Thomas Auto (UD Ultimate on-Card) and found this out the hard way, seller won't email me a copy of the pic yet, so I'm SOL for the time being.

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    So it appears they have gone back to what they used to do.

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    Save it before the auction ends? Or take your own picture once you get the card.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrixStar View Post
    Save it before the auction ends? Or take your own picture once you get the card.
    No, eBay changed their format the other day you could no longer open an item after the bids closed even if you won the item. When I win something, I open up the closed item and then save the pic, new formatting wouldn't allow it. So you had to either save the image that was posted while bids were open, or you were going to have to scan it yourself once in hand. Otherwise, if you tried to save the image it showed up as a closed banner with a blank back. Now you are allowed to select closed auctions again and the picture can expanded and copied/downloaded as before, I think they had quite a few complaints and changed the format back as it was, in about a day and a half.

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