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Thread: What is your dietary vice?

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    What is your dietary vice?

    What food and/or drink, that has a "less than healthy" impact, can you not live without?

    For food - I LOVE potato chips. Lays, Pringles, barbecue, nacho name it. When I'm lazy or I have yet to visit the grocery store, potato chips often make up a "meal" for me.

    For drink - I suppose I could say Vitamin Water (or similar products), though I don't drink those that often any more. I only drink alcohol during gatherings or nights out (and even then I only have one or two) and I stopped drinking soda like 5 years ago.

    Don't be shy. Everyone has guilty pleasures, but let's keep this about food, shall we?

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    I don't have a food vice but I drink way too much Mt. Dew.

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    Sun Chips .

    as for drinks.... Lemonade? I haven't had soda in 10.5 months.
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    Food it depend the my mood but enjoy pizza
    and for drink I enjoy a good coffee around 8 to 10 a day

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    I typically eat pretty healthy, but I have a weakness for salt.

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    I happen to love fried cheese curds... You cant find it at a lot of places (probably because you need to carry an EKG machine around with you after you eat it) but I love it.

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    crystal light...i rarely ate candy..but i needed to stop drinking pop just because i wanted to..and crystal light made that an easy transition but the aspartame in it drives my sweet tooth crazy lol

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