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Thread: Best Fan Pack of 2011???

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    Best Fan Pack of 2011???

    please post your best fan packs from baseball basketball football and say what cool stuff you got that made it your best of the year

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    Now I got an awesome replica Yankees World Series ring in a fanpack I received from the Tampa Yankees.....

    However I'd say my best fanpack from this year was from the Dayton Dragons Minor League Baseball team in Dayton, Ohio. They're the Single-A team for the Reds and next year my city is getting the Double-A team for the Reds. I mentioned that in my e-mail and I guess they wanted me to be ready when that time comes around because they sent me three schedules, a hat, and a shirt! I was very grateful!

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    These are my three favorites, though the Red Sox and Tampa Yankees were excellant.

    Boston Bruins--hat, tshirt, wristband, poster, silly bandz, pocket schedules and a bumper sticker.

    DC United--scarf, dvd, notecard, letter, a pin, stickers, decal, and a fan shaped like a soccer ball.

    Phoenix Suns--signed oversized card of mascot and stuffed mascot.

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    Tampa Yankees- card set and a nice pin were the highlights of that one
    D.C united- sent two autographs
    Purdue- 4 autos, notebook, pencil

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    i never can find the tampa yankees site
    have 5308 different cardinals cards
    Total Different Cardinals Autos: (210 MLB Players) Total cardinals autos: (310)
    Total baseball Autos: (724)

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    what address did y'all use for the Tampa Yankees

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    I never done a fan pack thing. What is it and how do you do it? Pm me plz..

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