I have the following promos FS...prices are per card and shipping is $2 no matter how many cards are purchased (PP or MO)

Marvel Heroes and Villains $5
The Tudors Seasons I, II & III (Philly Non-Sports Card Show) $5
Hack/Slash $5
Lady Death (Philly Non-Sports Card Show) $5
Ghost Whisperer Seasons 3 and $ (Philly Non-Sports Card Show) $5
Bettie Page BP3-Philly Limited to 500 (Philly Non-Sports Card Show) $8
Veronica Mars VM2-PT $2
Shrek S3-T $2
The X Files $2
Philly Non-Sports Show Todd Riley "non-sport.com" #59 $2
Philly Non-Sports Show Jim Kyle "Never in Philadelphia" #58 $2

If you need a scan, let me know.