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    BEWARE: Cam Newton Inception 1/1 Auto...ALTERED ink pen edge...Nick Jimenez

    Just wanted to give a fair headsup to all collectors for when this card resurfaces for sale.

    Over 2 weeks ago I purchased this Cam Newton Inception 1/1 auto from ebay user id: nicksellsgamesncards

    Pictures were small...but I didn't think much of it at the time. Here's the link: ew=all&tid=0

    Well I received the card, and Nick was extremely prompt in all situations leading up to payment and shipment, pretty much replying every 10 minutes. I opened the package and was immediately greeted to the MOST horrible de-facings of a high end card I've ever seen. Pics speak for themselves, and it looked a lot worse in person. The ink was textured and about 4 shades darker than the rest of the card, not to mentioned leaked horribly off the white edges. Obvious hack job:

    I contact him immediately furious at what I'd seen, but kept it as diplomatic as possible just stating that it wasn't as advertised, and demanded a refund. He went back and forth stating that 'he couldn't refund me, as he'd already been paid by paypal', then later kept persisting I hold onto the card if he sent me more junk cards or a partial cash refund. I refuse...then he FINALLY gives in, and agrees to the ebay case for a refund (not that he had any choice).

    So I send the card with signature confirmation, well as a slew of ebay messages...and all the sudden NICK JIMENEZ (of Philadelphia) had vanished off the face of the earth. No replies whatsoever. The card was purposely never signed for, sitting at the post office for days, until he resurfaces out of nowhere over a week later stating he was going to pick the card up and issue a refund. It was at that time he also said 'sorry, unlike you I have a life outside of ebay, and I'm busy with school and football so I can't check messages every 20 minutes.' Laughable.

    2 days ago he signs for the card (shows on tracking)...but never issues the refund. Thus, I'm forced to call Ebay and have them finalize the damn case because their customer service is beyond a joke and they won't touch things unless you force them to. So now I'm in the process of waiting up to another 10 days for a refund, and 'Nick' just received himself an interest-free 1300 dollar loan.

    Buyer beware, do NOT touch this card regardless of if it's Nick Jimenez or any other seller, as it HAS been altered with a black ink pen, and has been rendered permanently ruined. Why on earth someone would do such a stupid thing is beyond me, even if it did come out of the pack with a bum corner. But through his actions, it's pretty apparent he is a liar, thief, and scammer...not to mention a complete ™™™™™™ all potential future buyers beware when this thing pops up (because it will).

    It's sick that these kind of scams/frauds are so prevalent in the hobby and ebay nowadays, but that's why we must expose them all so more potential sellers don't get taken into their lies.

    Thanks for reading.

    ebay id: nicksellsgamesncards
    Nick Jimenez from Lancaster, PA
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    Don't follow football but to any collector that is absolutely disgusting.

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    Yah definitely sounds like the jackwagon trimmed the edge himself and pawn it off. Then when it came time to face the music he ran and hid. Wouldnt doubt it if its back up on ebay soon. Sorry you had to go through that.

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    Ouch! I have a mess of 07 Absolute Memorabilia that came chipped like that terrible straight from the pack but never in my wildest dreams would I ever think of doing that to a card. Not even a base card. That's just dirty pool

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    Wow man, that's just terrible. I really hope eBay does right by you.
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    Wow thats terrible.. Where at in Philly? I'll drive over and beat him up for you haha.

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    Item is no longer up on ebay. Did you take a pic or scan of the auto you are talking about?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Williamson82 View Post
    I haven't bought anything off of Ebay for over a year and a half,so I may be missing something,but why does it talk about CD jewel cases under condition?

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    I am going through the same thing now. Not to that extint but similar. I won a auction for a Ray Rice 1/1 White Whale and have not recieved it yet. So after I contacted the seller 2 times he responds and says that he was out of town and that he was shipping the card that day. I emailed him back and asked for the dc# and I have not gotten a response yet. My first mistake was not checking the seller out. He had like 125 feedback but I have bought stuff from people with less than that and they come tho so I did not think anything of it. So I look at his profile and I find that he has had 3 different accounts in the last 3 years. So I called ebay and let them know that I feel like I had been scamed and they told me it was to early to file a case. So I am trying to be optimistic about the whole thing but it sucks. I am saying to ebay that they need to have someone check into how many accounts and feedback ratings that sellers have before they let them sell. I am now waiting on the card but like you if I file a case I have to wait 10 days to get my $100 back.

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