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Thread: Jersey Card Creases

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    Jersey Card Creases

    after some trading problems in which some jerseys were creased, i took a look at all my cards...most of them arent creased, but some were, and surprisingly these included ones that i pulled myself and were put directly into a toploader...i think something is wrong with the way they make them

    any other ideas?

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    You somewhat have to expect a little crease from time to time.
    They have to get that jersey or bat peice in there somehow.
    I have a couple that have small creases. that is why I like the ones that aren't raised on the top because those are the ones that, in my experience, get creases.

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    I also have a couple that have creases in them. One is a Frank Thomas jersey card from Bazooka and the other is a Redmond SPx RC Auto Jersey. as Molina00 said you somewhat have to expect a little crease from time to time cause I am sure is it not a piece of cake to get game used into all of the cards perfectly all of the time. :)


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    It's been my experience that a lot of SPx double and triple player jersey cards come creased.

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    I've noticed that the thinner game used cards are more likely to get creases, but the thicker cards rarely if ever get creased.

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    maybe its the way u pulled it from the pack or the manufacturer wasnt careful.

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