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Thread: Slow season for fan packs?

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    Slow season for fan packs?

    Is it just me or is this part of the year typically slow for fan packs? Or maybe people have stopped requesting them or posting successes?

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    I've only been doing this sort of thing for less than three months, but baseball teams (minor and major) are way more generous than the other sports according to my records. Colleges and the NHL have been the least (excepting the Boston Bruins most notably) generous so maybe it's just a timing thing for the perceived scarcity. NFL has been kind of in the middle plus it's probably better to save the requests for later as re: the NBA.

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    Yeah, I have been doing it off and on for a few years. I never got one from the Bruins and its been a few months so it either got lost or they didnt like my response lol. The Cleveland Cavaliers sent me a great fan pack during the off season and I hear D.C United is good as well

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