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    Disney Childrens miracle network golf tourney

    Hit up the Disney golf tourney. Got everything done that I brought, wish I had brought a few baseballs.

    2/2 Steve young 16x20 and full size. He hit the full size vertically with the full sig. HOF 05 on both
    1/1 Jerome Bettis 16x20
    1/1 David price 11x14
    Ball which I wasted on Doc Rivers since he was doing 08 champs inscription.

    A big f you goes out to Ray Allen. 6 of us were trying for him. We followed for about 7 holes. His caddy first said he would sign later. He kept ignoring, nodding at us, and saying "sup guy" until finally saying I'm not signing today. When he was done i happened to there as he was coming off. Went past about 30 people straight to 5 black kids and signed whatever it was they had. He was going by photos slapping them saying "I can't sign these" and signed some programs and tickets. Alonzo was his usual self.

    and a random shot of a gator on the

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    Nice successes! I love the Steve young picture and the Price haha. Too bad with some of the other guys though, it's usually the same few with their same antics.

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    might have gone if i had known about it. been trying to get Price for a while. ive pretty much just been focusing on Tampa

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    Great job on "The Bus" & Young, they look great!

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