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Thread: Huge want list base-autos

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    Huge want list base-autos


    2011 topps

    5B, 20B, 25B, 25C, 44B,50B,80B,93B, 100B, 102B, 135B, 150B, 198B, 199B, 200B, 209B, 219B, 247B, 250B, 271B, 293B, 300B, 315B, 330B, 350B, 355B, 375B, 393B, 410B, 425B, 435B, 450B, 460B, 480B, 490B, 505B, 510B, 516B, 530B, 570B, 590B, 600B, 630B, 640B, 645B, 646B, 650B, 651B, 660B

    2011 topps update
    US100, US101, US102, US103, US104, US105, US106, US107, US108, US109, US10, US110, US111, US112, US113, US115, US116, US117, US118, US119, US11, US120, US121, US122, US123, US124, US125, US126, US127, US128, US129, US12, US130, US131, US132, US133, US134, US135, US136, US137, US138, US139, US140, US141, US142, US143, US144, US145, US146, US147, US148, US149, US14, US150, US151, US152, US153, US155, US156, US158, US159, US15, US160, US162, US163, US164, US165, US166, US167, US168, US16, US170, US171, US172, US173, US174, US175, US177, US178, US17, US180, US181, US182, US183, US184, US185, US186, US187, US188, US18, US190, US191, US192, US194, US195, US196, US197, US198, US19, US1, US200, US201, US202, US203, US204, US205, US206, US208, US209, US20, US210, US211, US212, US213, US214, US215, US216, US217, US218, US219, US21, US220, US221, US222, US223, US224, US225, US226, US229, US22, US230, US231, US232, US233, US234, US235, US236, US237, US238, US239, US240, US241, US242, US243, US244, US245, US247, US248, US249, US24, US250, US251, US252, US253, US254, US255, US256, US257, US258, US259, US25, US260, US261, US262, US263, US264, US265, US266, US267, US268, US269, US26, US270, US271, US272, US273, US274, US275, US276, US277, US278, US279, US27, US280, US281, US282, US283, US284, US285, US286, US287, US288, US289, US28, US290, US291, US292, US293, US294, US295, US296, US297, US298, US29, US2, US300, US301, US302,US304, US306, US307, US308, US309, US310, US311, US313, US314, US316, US317, US318, US319, US31, US320, US321, US322, US324, US325, US327, US328, US329, US32, US330, US34, US35, US36, US37, US39, US3, US40, US41, US42, US43, US44, US45, US46, US47, US48, US49, US4, US50, US51, US52, US53, US56, US57, US58, US59, US60, US61, US62, US63, US64, US65, US67, US68, US69, US6, US70, US71, US72, US73, US74, US76, US77, US78, US79, US80, US81, US82, US83, US84, US85, US86, US87, US8, US90, US91, US92, US93, US94, US95, US96, US98, US99, US9

    2011 topps chrome will take doubles
    33,68,151,170,171,172,173,174,175,176,177,179,180, 183,184,185,187,188,190,

    RC want list

    Geovany Soto
    Dustin Pedroia
    Dontrelle Willis
    Angel Berroa
    Eric Hinske
    Albert Pujols
    Carlos beltran
    Ben grieve
    Kerry wood
    Nomar Garciaparra
    Marty cordova
    Bob Hamelin
    Tim Salmon
    Scott Rolen
    Todd Hollandsworth
    Mike piazza

    Freddie freeman
    i need just about everything except these cards
    2011 bowman rc
    2011 bowman gold rc
    2011 bowman finest futures
    2011 bowman brightest
    2011 bowman platinum
    2011 topps
    2011 topps lineage
    2011 topps gypsy queen
    2011 topps allen and ginter

    Craig kimbrel
    i need everything except

    2011 topps marquee auto /570
    2011 craig kimbrel topps 60
    let me know what you guys have thanks

    BASE-AUTOS of these guys will take doubles
    vance worley
    wilson ramos
    josh collmenter
    jeremy hellickson
    eric hosmer
    michael pineda
    mark Trumbo
    Ivan Nova
    Mike Trout
    Bryce Harper
    Matt Moore
    Julio Teheran
    Shelby Miller
    Jesus Montero
    Jacob Turner
    Martin Perez
    Jameson Taillon
    Manny Machado

    Any Rookie card autos of any player from any sport from 2010-2011
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    I have these 2 Sasaki rc's:

    Kazuhiro Sasaki 2000 Pacific Invincible # 137
    Kazuhiro Sasaki 2000 Pacific Omega # 136

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    Quote Originally Posted by TurdFerguson View Post
    I have these 2 Sasaki rc's:

    Kazuhiro Sasaki 2000 Pacific Invincible # 137
    Kazuhiro Sasaki 2000 Pacific Omega # 136
    i dont need those but i need these

    chuck knoblauch 1990 score rc

    dave righetti 1982 donruss rc

    raul mondesi 1991 bowman rc

    Scott Williamson 1998 Bowman # 371 rc

    2011 topps chrome

    zach britton
    michael kohn
    mike nickeas
    tsuyoshi nishioka
    matt young

    lmk thanks
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