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Thread: Photo Print Coupons

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    How does ordering photos from Walgreens work if I were to get them shipped to me? Do they enlarge your image to fit 8x10 for you? Also, has anyone ever had problems with them denying your photos due to copyright claims? I know I've seen that discussed on here before.

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    I have had problems when i order to pick them up but when i have them shipped to me it goes very smoothly.
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    AdoramaPix@AdoramaPix#Print #Sale 40% off all poster sized prints 16x20 and up! Code: pxpstr40 Ends 10.25.2012. Share the love! Plz RT

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    nice. love having multiple accounts when they have these sales

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    it is a collage but if you only upload one photo it will work, will just add a black border

  7. #47 having a 30 percent off 16x20s and larger. Adorama will be another week before they are back up and running.

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    Now through Wednesday, all Walgreens photos are 40% off using the code "everything"
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    adorama has 8x10 for a buck thru tonight

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