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Thread: Peyton Manning via Foundation

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    Peyton Manning via Foundation

    Just did a bunch of comparing between these "success" and guaranteed authentic autos from UDA and Steiner... Gotta say I now know why these r coming back from JSA and PSA as not real. Lots of differences.. Let's look at them:

    TTM: almost full first name is signed Peyton.
    Authentic: almost all signatures end with the T.
    TTM: Larger M than the authentic in EVERY instance. The 'Ing in the TTM is completely off between TTM and authentic...

    Sorry guys I have to say they aren't real.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1990score View Post
    FAKE!! and the reasons r simple. They have been stated in this thread. Quite simply they don't match his certified auto from his signings!!!!!!!
    Really? There are so many athletes that have IP sigs that don't match their certs...

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    1990 score they match up, from pack pulled to JSA to Upperdeck to steiner, alot of players have diffrent sigs, like one I can compare is Bryce Harper he has alot of diffrent ones

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    Only difference is that on the TTM he wrote 18.
    I can't find that whole article for free anywhere, but just read it. He talks about how he always takes time to sign whatever someone wants. These are AUTHENTIC.

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    ever time they show manning at football games he is signing autos that shows how nice of person he is does brady do that no, not alot of stars like him sign at games, I know he is hurt but he did it last year

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1990score View Post
    Does Manning owe you money or something? Geez...haha. Your only argument has been that they don't match up to certifieds (which they do) or that they fail Authentications (whose opinions are absolutely worthless).
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