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Thread: Peyton Manning via Foundation

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    Peyton Manning via Foundation

    Just did a bunch of comparing between these "success" and guaranteed authentic autos from UDA and Steiner... Gotta say I now know why these r coming back from JSA and PSA as not real. Lots of differences.. Let's look at them:

    TTM: almost full first name is signed Peyton.
    Authentic: almost all signatures end with the T.
    TTM: Larger M than the authentic in EVERY instance. The 'Ing in the TTM is completely off between TTM and authentic...

    Sorry guys I have to say they aren't real.

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    Many peoples analysis on Manning's graph being fake.. Why so many rejections by PSA??? Listen to the professionals. Fake. Fake. Fake.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lambeauleap87 View Post
    That address is for his CHARITY. Something in me highly doubts that he will relocate his entire foundation just because he's parting ways with the Colts. Maybe he won't sign from it anymore, but that's not the best logic.

    mrveggieman, shoot me a PM if you would...

    PM sent.
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    I think that the Manning sigs on the card with Eli and the 8x10 are consistent if you look at the angles of the Y into the T and the humps on the M as well as a few other angles. Next thing your going to say that Christ was never Crucified.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mjbowman View Post
    Next thing your going to say that Christ was never Crucified.
    LOL. Not going to go there with that one an autograph thread. I'm sure that you can get a good debate on that on P&R.
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    Probably not relevant exactly to this thread, but about 5 months ago I sent in a card and a patch that I hoped to be signed*with a donation, but both got returned unsigned without the cash still in there.

    Do y'all think that I should have sent a larger donation to get the patch signed? I think that I sent a 5$ or a $10.

    There is a slight chance that I sent 2 cards, but I'm pretty sure that I only sent 1. The enevelope was damaged when it got returned so I'm thinking that either they sent back the cash and someone might have grabbed it through the damaged envelope or maybe if I sent 2 cards, maybe someone grabbed the signed card(If he signed one) through the damaged enevlope.

    I'm not really trying to complain. I'm just glad that Peyton has a nice way to get things autographed. I'd send again with a bigger donation if I thought that he would sign the patch, but it wasn't the coolest getting the package back originally with no signed anything.

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    My theory.

    A.) 1990score works for Manning's foundation and he helps handle the mail and is sick of it. So he's trying to discourage people sending.

    B.) 1990score works for PSA or JSA and is sick of getting questions and mail ins for TTM Mannings and is trying to tell everyone they're already fake.

    C.) He's got nothing better to do than troll people's TTM threads and spread fake panic. Why is he so concerned what other people think if he KNOWS they're fake?

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    im looking at the 8x10 i watched peyton sign in person and my ttm card and there is really noo differance just saying

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