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Thread: $10 for a gu/rc/auto lot

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    $10 for a gu/rc/auto lot

    these are 3 card lots that i assembled myself and am selling for $10 or $17 for two
    lot 1
    2002 Topps Reserve Derrick Mason Auto
    2001 Topps Reserve Quincy Morgan RC #/999
    2002 Pacific Titanium Laroi Glover Jersey/John Henderson RC
    Lot 2
    2000 Sage Hit Darren Howard Autograph
    2001 ud game gear jesse armstead jersey
    2002 Ultra San Diego Bound Anthony Thomas JErsey white
    lot 3
    1994 Signature Rookies Allen Aldridge Autograph
    2001 UD Tops Tier Snoop Minnis/ Peter Warrick Dual Ball brown/brwn
    2002 UD MVp Souvinir Champ Bailey Jersey red
    lot 4
    2001 Focus Travis Henry Rookie Premeire JErsey
    2001 Fleer Rookie Retro Threads Andre Carter Jersey red
    2001 SPX Quincy Morgan RC #/999
    lot 5
    $2001 Topps Pro Bowl Eric Moulds JErsey (bv30)
    2001 ud rod gardner rc
    2002 Fleer Showcase Julius Peppers Rookie
    lot 6
    2002 Fleer Box Score Yard Markers Jeff Garcia Jersey
    2001 PRivate Stock Titanium Postseason ROd Gardner JErsey red
    2001 Topps Chad Pennington rc
    2000 ud peter warrick rc

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    You should pm rima or cheesehead for about the moulds jersey

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    yeah i have twice but i got no response but just in case they have first dibs on the moulds

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