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    Autographed Hat of Scott Rolen FT/FS

    Note: This is from 2001 Fleer Legacy BV 50.00. If you would like to trade, LMK if you have any Pirates autographs. I would especially like Pirates or Angels from the same set at or around the same BV; but will take other autos too. Will sell for $20 OBO.



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    I will give ya $20 for it.
    DO you take PayPal?
    DO you have any references?


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    Are you ever gonna PM me about the hat?
    I said I would pay ya the $20 DLVD for it.



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    I am very interested. I will trade around $70-80 in nice autos for it. plmk

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    rice80fan2--let me see what pac man has to offer and then I will get back to you.


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    moose2438, u still want the avatar or not? its been done. im thinking u didnt like it. ive sent u like 3 pm's but u havent responded?

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