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    Love the Rick Mount returns...I attended his shooting camp with 2 of my sisters 3 years in a row. The guy is unbelievable!!

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    Nice pick ups!

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    Great signature in today from Nate Archibald:

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    Really nice day of mail today.

    Dirk 1/1 Signed a card for my Hoops set
    Dan Issel 3/3 Really like the Panini ABA insert
    Rich Jones 3/3 Couple cards for my ABA collection

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    Couple more from my latest batch. 3 from Billy Keller and 3 from Tom Van Arsdale:

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    One more from the Hoops set I can cross off. Got Byron Scott today:

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    Doing some catch up on threads. Love the blue pen Dirk used. Is that a metallic blue?
    - Andy

    Beckett Basketball Plus Super Collector - Spring '06
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    I don't think its metallic, just a different shade of blue paint. Really happy Dirk signs TTM though.

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    Couple more for the ABA collection today. Glen Combs and Darrell Elston:

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    Back from vacation...couple nice returns:

    Darel Carrier, Joe Caldwell, Hal Smith, and Bill Tremell

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