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Thread: Joe Frazier: Dead at 67

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    Joe Frazier: Dead at 67

    Wow. Tough day for a boxing fan like myself. Like I lost a family member. I thought Ali would go before Smokin' Joe.

    I am so glad that a year ago I bought a Joe Dimaggio / Ted Williams 8x10 Dual Auto and the guy didn't have change for my $100 dollar bills, so he threw in the Joe Frazier Glove for the rest, which was $50 bucks.

    Wow. I'm still debating if I should sell it because I saw a nice Sugar Ray Leonard Robe that's autographed.
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    Best time to sell is right now
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    I collect anything and everything Albert Pujols and am always looking to expand collection. Also looking for any signed baseball or jerseys.

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    What a human.

    I know Frazier never forgave Ali, but I feel like Ali loved Frazier in some ways, and I'm sure he mourns with all of us. Frazier exemplified the best qualities that we hope to see in ourselves: tenacity, desire and an unwillingness to believe that we couldn't do something.

    RIP Joe.
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    Yeah I thought I had a JSA COA with it. Guess not. Oh well but man, about 10 days ago, autos of his were flying below radar and in the last 2 days, the Autos are flying.
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    Smokin' Joe was my favorite fighter when I was growing up....RIP!

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    If you saw him fight in his prime the man was a machine. Go Joe.

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