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    Adding Entire Sets to Your Inventory

    1. At the top left of SCF, click on "Inventory Manager".

    2. This will bring you to a search screen where you can add cards to your inventory. On the right side, click Search Card Sets.

    You will be taken to a set search screen.

    Fill in the Set Name, select the Sport and fill in the Year. Then click Search. For example, I'll search for 2001 Topps Football.

    Then select the set from the list. In my example, I'll select 2001 Topps:

    Next you will see several options at the top of a full checklist.

    From the Action drop down list select Set Quantity to 1 Minimum.

    You will see this screen for a few seconds.

    The new screen will show all of the cards in the set with a quantity of 1. You will also notice at the top that all of the cards are in your inventory and at the bottom a list of all the cards in your inventory to include how many are duplicates.

    Thant's it, enjoy adding full sets to your inventory!

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    Thanks, this was very useful. What if I need to add two sets? I tried just doing the same again, but I'm still at one each.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyBean17 View Post
    Thanks, this was very useful. What if I need to add two sets? I tried just doing the same again, but I'm still at one each.

    If you have all cards of a set, click on the check box on the top right column in the header and it will select all cards and then you can select the action to edit all these cards from the combobox that list multiple action. Then you can edit the quantity of each cards and put what you want and then save the changes. Work a bit like on a excell sheet.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but this way doesn't insert this as a complete set, just as one of every card in the set. The problem with this is that if someone is searching for one player in the set it will come up in their search that you have one. And when I do a search for trade it comes up that I have that player for trade and it doesn't say "yeah, but it's part of a set". There should be a different way of searching or indicating that the card is part of a set, especially since frequently after doing all the hard work of putting together a set one might want to sell or trade this as a complete set, otherwise why do it?
    Best scenario would be that the card shows up as in someone's inventory but highlighted or asterisked as being part of a set. Second best scenario would be that the individual cards don't show up in searches at all, just the complete set does.

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    Maintaining a set list part of your PC can be done in a excell sheet and does not need to be entered into a inventory. You can enter it only if you are tracking a set not complete and remove it once completed. But that is how it's coded.
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    How do you add a card that DOESN"T come up when searched for, I tried to add a 2006 UD C Patterson GU card to my inventory and it didn't show up. tx bob

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    Probably because the word use in the search did not match the words we use. For instance UD is most of the time entered as Upper Deck and very rarely UD. A simple mistake in a name can prevent the result to show. Often the best way is to minimise the value used like the year, player last name, maybe try the card number and select memorabilia if it is one. then you can try removing the card number. A other way is to search card sets instead of cards. Make finding the right cardset easier and then you get the full list and how we entered the card set.

    For instence make sure to select baseball. Then C Patterson will fail, you need to use the full name of the player or maybe just the last name to help find the card.

    I beleive it the second card from this result:
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    I collect minor league team sets and my want list is filled with the most difficult sets to find, such as 2013 Auburn Doubledays and 2002 Tri-City ValleyCats to list a few. When i'm searching for these rare sets, they aren't coming up. It would actually be easy to enter these as team sets, but because your database lists all the individual cards, it's nearly impossible to list because there is no place that lists the checklist on these rare sets. This leads me to another observation which is collectors of minor league team sets usually buy and sell as teams, not individual cards. This gets back to the previous comment about not having a way to list a complete set as a complete set in the inventory. An easier way to explain is that my want list is for the "2013 Auburn Doubledays set" not just certain player cards.

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    I do understand your point but adding all the cards from a set in your want list or even adding just one still list it as a want item. Now minor league is not a big thing in collector. Many simply do not collect them. When creating such a project we try to please all collector type but we also have to draw limit on what we add and what feature get done. For instance we did add many feature for player collector as many collect player. Now for set, it's a bit different as to list only set completed or not would require a lot of real time processing and we decided that we do this only when listing a set, on the set page at the bottom it list the cards missing and cards you have more then one. But we can't just add a set with no cards as this is a card database, not a set database.

    For instance we do list 16 Auburn Doubledays sets but not 2013. Now does it even exist as I did a research and did not find a team set, only a few cards in a league set that player were from Auburn Doubledays. It's possible it never was produce and unless we find proof a team set was produce we would never add the set because our database is based on facts and not presumption. Mainly we want it to be as accurate as possible. Sometime collector think it should exist but it's possible it does not. If you do find at least one card then post in the Forum ->Community ->Feedback & Suggestions ->Inventory/Storefront Questions and Feedback ->Baseball forum and request for the cards and set to be added with a link of where you found the info so the staff can verify it does exist and it will be added.

    Now could we had a feature for set only to mark them as completed, maybe but it's not on the plan. Programing cost time and money and it's never just a simple thing because this application is very complex so adding feature is never that easy at this point.

    For instance I am working on adding a new card attribute: Short Print (SP) and Super Short Print (SSP) and it require to make so many modification in so many place and files that nothing is never easy in such a big application. Then the staff need to modify these cards from the past and with new addition so we it can be efficient and so we can get result once we query them.
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    I understand 100%. I agree that the amount of minor league team set collectors are minimal and I understand what you are saying about this being a card database instead of a set database. As for the 2013 Auburn set, it is real. I have about half of it. The only set I found was through a seller who only sells individual cards and wouldn't allow me to buy the whole set. Matter of fact, any set on my want list is a real set that exists. Thanks for taking the time to explain that for me.

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