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Thread: Show off your TTM inscriptions

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    Always looking for Yastrzemski cards! I have plenty of Red Sox autos FT

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    I got the Daulton IP and Hynoski TTM
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    Quote Originally Posted by Diakonos View Post
    this is one of my favorites

    Classic quote! LOL

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    Cool thread!

    Some of my favorites-

    John Williams: Inscribed- "Ryan, All Best!" And below his signature he drew a music staff. This is probably my favorite autograph in my collection.

    Chuck Testa: Inscribed- "To Ryan, NOPE! Chuck Testa!"

    Bob Barker: Inscribed (Top Photo Only)- "Hi Moberly!" (I like this one because he used my last name [Moberly] instead of my first name)

    Dan and Laura Dotson: Inscribed (Under Laura's signature)- "XOXO 'Pay The Lady!' "

    Mary Costa: Inscribed- "Sleeping Beauty"

    Vince Papale: Inscribed- "To Ryan, You Are Invincible"

    Bob Stanley and Mookie Wilson: Inscribed (Under Mookie's Signature)- 10/25/86 (The date of the infamous 86' WS Game 6)

    Billy Sims: Inscribed (Right Card Only)- "78 Heisman"
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    I'll post a pic later of some of my favorite.... One of them is the email ttm I got from Phillip Proctor "Go Wild!"

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    Did Billy include that UD card? When I sent my one card, he sent back that one, and an additional UD card.
    Collecting any Dodger or Wazzu autos

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    Scans coming tomorrow, but expect some nice inscriptions from Phillip Proctor, Chauncey Leopardi, and more!

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