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Thread: Multiple Sports Success

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    Multiple Sports Success

    Not sure what happened to the last one but hopefully we can get the same folks posting in this one & make this thread a Sticky like the last one.

    2 today..

    Cliff Harris 2/2, out 11-9, back 11-23.

    Steve Hutchinson 2/2, out 11-1, back 11-23.

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    I hope the other one comes back, but until then I hate to report a failure like this...

    Aeneas Williams.

    I sent him a nice letter. I am a Cardinals fan and explained, how growing up, he was my favorite guy on the team. I've never seen a failure from him until now. I got my custom back with a note written in poor grammar: "We don't sign because they sale on website."

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    Thanks for starting this up, Rick...wish we could get a response on what happened to the other one, especially since someone stickied this one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by lambeauleap87 View Post
    Thanks for starting this up, Rick...wish we could get a response on what happened to the other one, especially since someone stickied this one...
    Ya im just glad its back. Never realized how much i missed it. Im thinking someone was doing alittle house cleaning maybe & had a " uh oh " moment & it was lost. Sure the first page & half will be dedicated to RockiesFan33 returns. havent seen anything posted from him since the thread went away, so im sure he has some catching up to do.

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    Since it's back and a sticky I'll post in here and in my own thread.

    Doug Sisk
    3610 42nd Ave. NE
    Tacoma, WA 98422
    Out 2011.07.11 Back 2011.11.23

    Mike Kenn
    360 Bardolier
    Alpharetta, GA 30022
    Out 2011.10.21 Back 2011.11.22

    Jery Coleman
    1004 Havenhurst Drive
    Lajolla, CA 92037-6803
    Out 2011.07.07 Back 2011.11.22

    Tim Green
    1194 Greenfield Lane
    Skaneateles, NY 13152
    Out 2011.10.17 Back 2011.11.22

    Jeff Jaegr
    3026 Sahalee Dr. W.
    Sammamish, WA 98074
    Out 2011.10.19 Back 2011.11.22

    Sammie Smith
    P.O. Box 843
    Zellwood, FL 32798
    Out 2011.10.17 Back 2011.11.22

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    George Spencer
    8160 Hickory Ave.
    Galena, OH 43021
    Out 2011.07.07 Back 2011.11.25
    2/2 + 2 index cards

    Ryan Kesler
    Vancouver Canucks
    800 Griffiths Way
    Vancouver, BC
    V6B 6G1
    Out 2011.01.04 Back 2011.11.25

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    Bummer hope they bring back the usuall thread as there where alot of great success on there. Anyway finally broke out of a very long slump

    Topps Magic Cullen Harper 1/ in my thread

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    Bobby valentine 1/2

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    My Richard Petty 8x10 came back today signed beautifully in thin silver marker. He must have signed it right before Thanksgiving... an incredible signer, and FAST (dates in TTMM). I'm not a huge racing fan, but I had to send to The King!

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    Barbara Walters sent an auto 8x10 personalized to my wife just like I requested. It came in Saturday and was a very fast email return!
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