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Thread: Show off your TTM inscriptions

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    Just got this back yesterday...Tough to explain to my two daughter what he wrote...

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    Collecting any Dodger or Wazzu autos

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    Here are a few that jumped to mind:

    I told Andy Samberg that it was thoughtful of him to release Hot Rod on my birthday.

    Mike Palagyi - detailed his entire major league career (he didn't record an out in his only MLB appearance) on this ball. It may be my favorite piece.

    Daniel Tosh - "You hit the jackpot MoFo!"

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    got this one today
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    I collect: NICK YOUNG

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    Got this back yesterday, and LOVE the inscriptions

    Collecting any Dodger or Wazzu autos

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    This is my favorite

    Author David McCullough. I just sent him a letter stating how much I enjoy reading his work and this is what he sent back.

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    I have a number of them that I like but one of my all-time favorites is from Herm Edwards!

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    Being from Canton, i just have to know...Why does he hate Akron?
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