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Thread: i wanna trade for new packs!

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    just curious, but what are you proposing to trade for packs or boxes?

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    uh...idk depends on what u guys want! prolly gu for boxes and couple inserts for packs

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    good luck, i think you'd have to give up enough stuff cash value wise to equal the cash value of the boxes or packs

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    i really hope to get some....does anyone got any to trade??

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    I'll trade you a couple packs of 1988 topps baseball yearbook stickers. There are 5 stickercards and 1 piece of gum per pack, and the front side is a sticker and the back is a card of a superstar player. I believe there may be some rookies in this set, but I'm not too sure. Would you be interested in these packs?

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    people dont generally buy packs or boxes to keep do realize that...

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    how about your collector's choice T-Mac RC BV $3?

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