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    Got this GU by accident....for trade

    01 or 02 genuine coverage plus McNown Jersey BV $12(?)

    first person to offer a basketball or baseball jersey of equal value gets it


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    i went to your site and you said you collect autos
    i have

    bobby hill #'d 49/50 & a chad hermanson 5 sports classics autos

    let me know if youd like these

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    i dont particularly like the unlicenced stuff, thanx a lot for the offer though ;)

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    I'll give you a 2000 UD Vin Baker game used jersey BV $15, which is in great shape except for a bit of chipping on the back (which is very typical from this set). PLMK

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    as far as i can tell this one isnt bent....
    ill do it if you want to

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    oh, could you use a sturdy top loader when you ship it? that will lower the chance of any damage occuring.

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    yah, ill put em in better ones this time
    ill send it along with the green

    still have my addy, right?

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    Yeah, I've still got it. I'll send out the Vin baker today.

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