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Thread: Adidle TTM sucess

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    Adidle TTM sucess

    Paul Mirabella 3/2 6 days c/o home 1989 Fleer and Topps plus Paul sent a 4x 5 postcard of him with the Yankees personalized to my son which he just loved. Paul lives only about 30 minutes from me which I did not know and he played with the Orioles for about 6 months. One of the cards will go to the Orioles collection since at the time I did not think there was an Orioles card on him but after mailing I found out there was a 1991 Crown card of him. Thank you very much Paul from both of us.

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    My son received the following today

    Lary Sorensen 5/1 24 days c/o home
    The following are cards
    Received our 1982 Topps (Cardinals) back plus Lary mailed back the following
    1979 Topps (Brewers)
    1999 International Sports Marketing card (Oakland)

    The following are 4 x 6

    1 x Cleveland
    1 x Expos

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    Greg Mathews c/o The Cage at Los Alamitos 1/1 1987 Topps 28 days Was not sure about this one but glad it came back thanks Greg

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    This was a very nice return for my son and I. I wrote to Larry Harlow that at the time of the mailing I was unable to get a 1978-1979 Topps card of him from the Orioles and asked if he would not mind us mailing at a later date I also wished him and his family a great holiday. I also sign my letters after my name US Army Retired.
    We received back a nice note from Larry and his wife thanking Brandon and I for being baseball fans, sending Brandon warmest regards and thanking me for my service. Plus Larry sent a 1978 Topps Orioles card for us. When I get responses like this it makes us feel appreciative for their reply's but it also tells me that they read the letter. So with that I thank Larry and his wife very much and wish them the warmest holidays on my post.

    Larry Harlow 2/1 1978 Topps Orioles which he sent 1981 Fleer Angels which we sent c/o home 18 days

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    Dick Drago 3/3 c/o home 20 days 1975 Topps Red Sox will go in the Orioles collection since there was no Orioles card for his 6 months there that I know of also 1991 Fleer Red Sox and 1982 Topps Mariners.

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    I received a 1966 World Series team set of cards of the Baltimore Orioles( the set was printed in 1981 with 1966 pictures on the cards) from a member from another site and I recently took a chance and mailed out 5 cards to living members who return mail and I received the first one back today.

    Russ Snyder 1/1 c/o home 8 days Thank you very much Russ

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    Recieved back from Redfest Ron Oester 1987 Topps signed.

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    Received another of the 1966 World Series team set of cards of the Baltimore Orioles

    Eddie Watt 1/1 c/o home 10 days personalized to my son Thank you Eddie

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    Received another of the 1966 World Series team set of cards of the Baltimore Orioles and Eddie sent a 4 x 6 of the White Sox. Eddie also thanked me for my service

    Eddie Fisher 2/1 c/o home 11 days personalized to my son Thank you very much Eddie

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    Received another of the 1966 World Series team set of cards of the Baltimore Orioles

    Bob "Rocky" Johnson 1/1 c/o home 12 days

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