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Thread: NBA TTM Success Thread

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    NBA TTM Success Thread

    Opening a thread for NBA TTM successes. I hope you can also share yours.

    Here's mine for the month of Feb2011

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    very nice haul for feb!! Nice Oscar also. wish he would return my stuff signed..

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    NBA has been one area where I haven't done much TTM, but here are some of mine

    Check out my trade list:
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    Help me build my through the mail auto collection by visiting my success thread & bucket- over 50 in all:
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    @ Riggs, thanks. I'm sure the Big O will sign for you. I've seen several success from him lately.

    @cyberer. thanks for sharing.

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    I have gotten Toni Kukoc on an 8x10 and a jersey Dirk on an 8x10 and a jersey and finally a Rick Barry jersey.

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    Coach Sloan


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    Love the shaqs! Those cards look incredible.

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    Those customs are so simple, yet so great! I love them!

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    @ Riggs, TTMcardMaster, thanks. I'm happy with the Shaq reply despite people saying it's ghost signed. I hope I can get a reply from David Robinson since I am a huge fan of his. I already got 2 RTS from him but it didnt stop me from trying - new address this time.

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