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Thread: Best Cards since 2000

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    Best Cards since 2000

    I've been out of the hockey scene for a couple of years now and have recently been looking into easing my way in. I'm also looking to pick up some cards for the store.

    Could you all tell me which cards you consider the top 3 hockey cards to have since 2000?



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    I am not exactly sure which brand and issue because there are so many, but the best RCs from the last three years seem to be, IMO:

    2000-01 Marian Gaborik
    2000-01 Dany Heatley
    2001-02 Ilya Kovalchuk
    2002-03 Henrik Zetterberg

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    MARTY TURCO CARDS, BAP Between the Pipes and BAP Ultimate Memorabilia.

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    00-01 Titanium Marian Gaborik
    01-02 Titanium Ilya Kovalchuk
    02-03 SP Authentic Zetterberg/Bouwmeester/SPezza Auto

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    Yes. I think if I got that Spezza/Zatta/Bouwmester, I'd goo in my pants.

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    The absolute best cards over the past three years are BAP Ultimate Memoribilia (UM). Here is website:

    Cards are also most expensive at $90 +/- for pack of one card.

    All UM cards are issued in runs of 40 or so max. If you have a retail store you might look on eBay for UM cards that would sell in your area. (Assuming you have customers that don't shop eBay).

    The 02 UM cards even came slabed & graded by Becketts.

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    Hockey cards for the store

    In terms of Card set I'd say the UD Premier and Mask collection are good choices. In terms of indiv. rookies I agree with Streetjammin911 (allthough not in his words) that Zetterberg/ Speza/ Boumeeser are $$ making rookies. MichiganMax
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    Yeah no gooing please. This is a goo free zone.

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