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    Talking My Paul Pierce 03 UD Honor Roll Auto/Jersey came in (pic)!!!

    Just got my redemption from Upper Deck today (they take forever!)...but wow, what a gem. Card is super mint since it's directly from UD, I might get it graded later down the road. And it's my 1st auto/jersey card.

    Just thought I might share


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    BV $80...kinda low IMO...but he's a keeper, not for trade. He may put up McGrady type numbers in years to come as their game is almost the same.


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    Nice. Good to see that ud finally came though

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    piece has one of the best sigs in the NBA ive seen so far, ive got 3 of him :)

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    Too bad, I would definitely have traded you for it...a nice card! How long did it take to get it? I am waiting for a couple myself...

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    Redemption on: 5/31/03

    Received card on: 8/6/03

    About 2 months and 6 days or 9 weeks? Guess that's not bad for UD, but I've heard horror stories of over a year, or getting back redemptions that weren't of the player since they couldn't get him to sign, etc. I'm just used to the super service from Topps and Donruss/Playoff....they take care of business in 1 month.

    Yes, nice signature indeed...nice to see a player take the time with autograph signing seriously.


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