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Thread: Show & Tell Contest 4.0!

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    Thanks for the contest, hoping to finally post something this week :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by centrehice View Post
    How can anything be judged fairly when some posters have hundreds of "The Cup" cards? Especially Jersey and Patch Cards.

    You'd have to toss values out the window. And what about those Game Used Jerseys of the 90's that were 1:60 Cases? Almost all of them only come in one colour, they should win on the pull ratio alone.

    I think you have to put many of these categories in Time Parameters.

    Say 1996-2001, then 2002-2004. Or have a specific Extreme High-End Category that The Cup, all the Ultimates, UD Black, etc can go into.

    I'm all about Fairness, not OOh, what a sick Patch.

    Thats why i always use my plain cards if i feel i need to. Sure, its not a great patch, buts its of a respectable player and a beautiful card, forget the fabric.

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