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    Today was pretty unusual, but awesome. Went to the Rays vs Padres. When the gates opened I immediately went to the Rays dugout and caught Desmond Jennings (finally!). I had 2 cards but he would only sign 1.

    Next, I got a pic with Jamey Wright and a 5x7 signed by Fernando Rodney.

    Went over to the Padres side to try and get Chase Headley on the one ball I brought. He ignored my request, but I noticed Matt Moore was signing. So I made my way back to the Rays side just in time. Asked him to sweet spot it and he asked for my name, so he personalized it. I'm okay with that since I was going to keep it anyways, but just a heads up.

    Matt Moore ROMLB SS Personalized
    Desmond Jennings '12 Topps
    Fernando Rodney 5x7
    Jamey Wright pic with

    On an unrelated note, we somehow got our tickets upgraded to the single row of seats behind the Padres dugout. I was completely unprepared for that and had absolutely nothing to get signed despite having my view of the game partially blocked by The back of Huston Street's head. Got some cool pics tho and Mom had a great Mothers Day

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    Went to Rays/Orioles today and had a very productive day:

    Roberto Hernandez (Fausto Carmona) 1/1
    Fernando Rodney signed 5x7

    Freddy Garcia 1/1
    Jason Hammel 1/1
    Tommy Hunter 1/1
    (this guy was super nice, very sociable)
    Nate McLouth 1/1
    Brian Matusz 2/2
    Brian Roberts 1/1
    (Orioles mascot card, 2011 Topps)
    Steve Pearce pic with

    None of the other Orioles' batters stopped to sign before the game. Machado didn't even leave the clubhouse until the game started. But their pitching staff were very good signing. I missed Jim Johnson because I was in the wrong place, but my fiance got a picture with him.

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    Went to the David Price signing in Tampa today.

    1/1 ROMLB SS
    Pic With

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    A little late on this one, but went to the Vincent Jackson signing in Tampa on Saturday for his foundation. I don't know if it wasn't well advertised, or if people in Tampa were too cheap to pay $25, but there were only about 30 people there, and he was scheduled for 3 hours. So there was plenty of time to chat and take pics. He was a real cool dude. As nice as they come.

    The signing ticket got you an item of choice, signed 8x10 that they provide (terrible quality though), and a pic with.

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    Went to the Bucs night practice/"fan fest" since they were holding autograph signings beforehand. They had 4 different autograph sections and you got a voucher with a section letter... and basically that is all you were allowed to get. But without knowing who it would be until you are literally at the table. So it was impossible to plan for this...thankfully they were giving out some blank autograph cards at the tables.

    I got section C, which ended up being split in half. They sent some people right and some left, so I figured we would be allowed to hit one table, then the next. Nope.. only half of the section, which was total BS. We were sent to the first table which consisted of Gerald McCoy, Da'Qwan Bowers, Derek Landri, and backup punter () Michael Koenen. Found out afterwards that the second table had Mark Barron and Adrian Clayborn. We were pretty mad about how that all went down after waiting in the hot Florida sun for 3 hours to get in.

    So we walked around the stadium and found that the other sections each had about 15-20 players each at one long table, after we were limited to 4 autographs. My friend raised some hell to one of the event organizers. He was understanding of the situation and let us into section A without vouchers. This was most of the backup offense (Martin, Freeman, VJax, Williams were not signing... same with Revis).

    So here were the final results:

    On an 8x10 logo photo- Gerald McCoy, Da'Qwan Bowers, Derek Landri
    Madden 12 cover- Peyton Hillis
    2013 Score RC- Mike Glennon

    On team autograph cards:
    Andrew DePaola
    Andrew Economos
    Michael Smith
    Adam weber
    Dan Orlovsky
    Tiquan Underwood
    Terriun Crump
    Bobby Sewell
    Eric Page
    Derek Hagan
    Mike James
    Spencer Larsen
    Lawrence Tynes
    Chas Henry
    Derek Dimke
    Michael Koenen

    (Glennon pic in my bucket, but this forum was making it huuuge when i inserted)
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    Buster Posey- ROMLB SP
    Evan Longoria - ROMLB SP
    Barry Zito- 1/1 Topps

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