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    WTTF - Snare Drum For Hockey Cards


    You read it correctly, I am willing to trade for a decent Snare Drum in exchange for Hockey Cards, or a combo of cards and cash.

    I drummed a bit as a small kid, and now 48 years later have the hankering to get back into it, but am slightly out of practice.....

    Let me know what you have. I will pay for exact shipping via Paypal Gift, or Cash/Money Order to ship the Drum. Obviously I'd love the trade/sale to be on the US side of the border due to higher shipping costs for such an item from Canada, but certainly not out of the question.


    Interested in a good snare, not a kids starter Elementary snare. Obviously, the older the snare, the better.

    If you have one available, please state the Brand, Year, Conditions of the Heads, Rims, Snare, Strainer, any obvious defects etc, along with top, bottom, side photos. Any extra holes, add on parts etc.

    Brands: Slingerland, Rogers, Drum Workshop, Gretch, Ludwig, Pearl, Premier, Yamaha, Tama, SW, Mapex, Sonor, Kent, Leedy etc.

    If you have a 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 Piece Kit, also let me know

    Thanks in advance.

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    Wow, now that's different...... Gives new meaning to drumming up trades. Good luck and kudos to you for wanting to get back into a former childhood interest.

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    Yeah, one of my old school chums along with Neil Peart are probably the two best Canadian drummers ever.

    Peart had luck with Rush. My buddy went the safe route and turned in his rock/jazz inklings and went with a regular Pay-cheque on the old Tommy Hunter show as the Drummer for Mike, Mark and Jack. the Rhythm Pals.

    My friend was so good that when I saw Rush for the first time in 1970-71, I thought me friend was better on the skins than Peart, but like Art - Drumming is objective and subjective.

    His drumming prowess turned us all on in 1969-70. I'm not worth a damn now on the drums, as mentioned too much water has gone under the bridge but crazed to get back into it.

    I am an advanced intermediate harmonica player and a lower intermediate tin-whistle player, both of which I have to get back into.
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