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    Lots Of High Ends for Trade! Nugent Hopkins Limited /10, 1/1'S, MORE!

    Pretty Much Looking for High End Rookie Cards!!!
    All are avalible for sale aswell




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  2. Kronozio
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    Please CMB for the colborne
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    pm me for the nugent-hopkins please
    Collecting mainly Columbus Blue Jackets but will also look at Wayne Gretzky, Sidney Crosby, Evgeni Malkin, Alexander Ovechkin, and Sick Patches!
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    I send out on Mondays!

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    Cmb for the newgent hopkins
    Trading for High End cards from all sports!

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    cmb for the hodgson
    PCs: Duchene, Stamkos, OV, Crosby
    Newer PCs: Couture, Eberle, Skinner, Seguin, Nino and Landeskog
    Bucket: Hidden Content

    Always Looking for Rookie Auto Patch (multi-color) high end.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stamkos View Post
    Pretty Much Looking for High End Rookie Cards!!!
    All are avalible for sale aswell









    pm sent

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    What would it take to pry the Campbell Dutton from you?
    Looking for Leafs, Canadiens, and Bruins

    Brad Marchand and Sidney Crosby

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    pm sent
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