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    A less biased source might be more helpful. This author is a biased idiot. Why you keep linking to his tripe is beyond me.

    The unemployment law forces workers to look for a job after 2.5 months of receiving unemployment benefits. So if the liberal position is against this then I assume that the liberal position is that people should be allowed to remain unemployed and getting a handout as long as they feel like.

    The law also makes it hard for someone to get unemployment benefits if they were fired or quit. What is wrong with that? Is the government supposed to support people who are too irresponsible to keep a job?

    And it doesn't require them to take a job that pays less than their benefits, it requires them to take a job that may pay less than their last job if it is available. Oh how terrible!!!

    The only thing I can find for Snyder giving a corporate tax break dates all the way back to March.

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    Look for a Job? Are you serious? LOL. The unemployed have no need to look for a job when they can get benefits for 2yrs+. And what sucks is even if you FIRE an employee for wrong doings they still get the benefits. I just went through this myself. He was not let go for hard times but was fired for THEFT and was still given benefits after i tried my hardest to prevent it. But our good ole government loves to give & spend.

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