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    Live Chat with ITG President Dr. Price. Friday, January 6th: 6:00PM-8:00PM EST

    Celebrate the Holidays with Dr. Price and a gift from ITG!

    In the Game has been receiving a lot of press with their new Enforcers product. Dr. Brian Price, owner of In the Game, has generously offered to make himself available to SCF for a Q&A about this product and his company in general.

    If you are interested in chatting with an influential hockey card producer, be sure to join us in the SCF Chat Room (yes, it will be turned back on for this event!) on Friday January 6th, from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM EST.

    If you can't show up for the chat, post a question here. In the interest of brevity, not all questions posted here will be asked, but the chat moderators will ask as many as can be accommodated.

    Not only will members have a change to chat with Dr. Price, but they'll have a chance to win too! In the Game has generously donated a Mario Lemieux Bobble head to SCF and following the chat, all members who either participated or posted a question in this thread will be entered into a random draw for it!

    Look forward to seeing you there!

    Here the link to the chat room. User your normal username on the forum but with NO password and it will let you in as a guest.


    Here is the transcript of the chat, thanks to CoolHandLule

    (17:57:39) reoddai: Welcome to the chat Dr. Price
    (17:57:53) bprice: Thank you, glad to be here.
    (17:58:25) patriotsguy: ah Hello Dr. Price!
    (17:58:51) mikesilvia: Hey! getting the word out now
    (17:58:57) reoddai: We may start a little behind schedule to allow a few more members to get into the chat
    (17:59:00) (mw83krk): Hello everyone!
    (17:59:06) bprice: Not to worry on my end.
    (17:59:42) (RGM): hope everybody's in good spirits tonight, this should be a lot of fun
    (18:00:09) (24redsfan): hello everyone
    (18:01:37) reoddai: Hello newest arrivals. We're just waiting a little to make sure everyone can get in
    (18:04:28) (164362): Hopefully my connection is ok I'm on my iPhone
    (18:04:54) (164362): This is andrewconnors9 btw
    (18:04:55) (jbudny): will the chat transcript be available after this chat reoddai?
    (18:05:22) reoddai: Yes, I plan to copy the chat room as we type. I'll edit it to look good and then post it somewhere
    (18:05:37) reoddai: I'll start copying once we get started
    (18:05:42) bprice: I better not make any spelling mistakes.
    (18:05:52) (jbudny): thank you, I will only be here for about half the chat
    (18:06:09) reoddai: Yes. Any poor spelling will be immortalized on the internet
    (18:06:37) SkidSTL: ^Then I'm in BIIIIIGGGGG trouble!
    (18:07:41) reoddai: Okay, its about 6:07, I think we've got a healthy group, let's get official
    (18:07:56) reoddai: Hello everyone and welcome. With us today is Dr. Brian Price, the president of In the Game Cards. From his presence at various card Expos to his very membership on SCF, Dr. Price is a very approachable owner and he tries to be mindful of the needs and wants of collectors.
    The upcoming release for their next product, ‘Enforcers’ or the ‘Toughest Set Ever created’
    Has generated a lot press because of its content and images. In response, Dr. Price, has generously offered to make himself available to SCF for a Q&A about this product and his company in general.
    Thank you for being here Dr. Price.
    (18:08:31) 30ranfordfan: yes! A big thanks to Dr. Price!
    (18:08:40) (RGM): *applause*
    (18:08:54) bprice: It is my pleasure, I thank you all for the opportunity.
    (18:09:14) reoddai: At this time, I would like to open this up to questions from people in attendance. If it gets too hectic we’ll change the format. Remember, if you have to leave before you can ask your questions, you can always post it in this thread and we’ll get to it if we have time.
    (18:09:31) (Andrewconnors9): Thank you sir for doing this!
    (18:09:52) (SabreGuy39): Thank you as always Dr. Price for being the best!
    (18:10:30) bprice: Appreciate that, as you know sometimes I all get is the critics and it's good to know that there still are some collectors out there.
    (18:11:09) (RGM): I guess I'll go first - given his recent comments to the media, will Georges Laraque still be appearing in Enforcers?
    (18:11:42) bprice: Yes, 100%. Georges signed an agreement with us, he was paid and he had no artistic approval rights in his agreement.
    (18:12:30) bprice: Furthermore, he knew the nature of the product was enforcers and in he talked to our staff about his four toughest fights during the negotiations.
    (18:12:49) (jbudny): I hope this question is not out of line, consider I know that the chat would be mainly about the enforcers series. I would like to know what the best way to go about applying to work at the ITG head office in Canada would be as well as what would go be a good entry level position for working in the trading card industry? Thank you
    (18:14:28) bprice: Unfortunately, at this time we are cutting staff and not adding staff. When UD had their exclusive we were the alternative for card collectors. When Panini entered into the mix, UD had more competition and our market share was reduced. So right at this time there are no positions available. If you want to have a resume on file in case that changes, not a problem.
    (18:15:04) (SabreGuy39): My question would be about the upcoming release of 2011-12 Heroes & Prospects...I noticed the base checklist included many Sabres players including Miller, Vanek, Kassian, etc. Is it fair to expect GUs and Autos of those players or will some such as Miller and Vanek only have the base?(18:15:56) bprice: Not sure who is in the auto and memo checklist but it is very possible.
    (18:16:03) SkidSTL: Dr. Price, thank you for taking the time to share with us tonight, I guess I'd like to know what was the inspriation for Enforcers? Was it personal, something you've been hearing about from hobbyists, or some sort of combination? Was there a culminating moment when you decided that now was the time for this product?
    (18:16:05) (jbudny): thank you for your response Mr. Price. I will still send in a resume. I look forward to the rest of the chat!
    (18:16:17) (24redsfan): I guess I'll go next. How come you don't do base parallels, like how UD does with the exclusive /100 and HG /10?
    (18:16:59) bprice: Both personal and from collectors. We did Tough Customers an number of years ago and since then collectors have been emailing me to do another project.
    (18:18:21) reoddai: I believe that the previous tough customers release was in 05-06
    (18:18:23) (Andrewconnors9): I just have a general question, specifically about getting your shot at an NHL license. Is there anything we can do as collectors to help promote the idea of this or help in any way?
    Always been a big fan of itg and you guys really need your shot sooner than later.
    (18:18:28) bprice: Not sure about the parallels, we used to do them for our base cards and collectors didn't want them. What are your thoughts.
    (18:19:34) bprice: I would like to think that licensors would listen to the people who buy their products.
    (18:19:49) bprice: I don't think that is true however, from what I know about the NHLPA.
    (18:20:00) (jbudny): I have not seen much info posted on this years upcoming Between the Pipes. I was just wondering when you would be posting some sample scans on your blog. Secondly, being a big fan of the set, do you plan on trying any new ideas in this years series?
    (18:20:11) bprice: When is the last time someone from the NHLPA came to the Expo or The National to see what is going on in our industry.
    (18:20:45) bprice: I know that when we lost our license a number of years ago, collectors rallied and sent petitions to the NHLPA, nothing was done.
    (18:21:17) (SabreGuy39): From my perspective, unless it is a rookie card I don't like a ton of parallels. I think the system you have in place with Gold, Silver, and Black for Memorabilia is perfect, not too much, but not too little. Adding it to the base would make me think of Panini...I don't like Panini haha.
    (18:21:17) bprice: I know that when we had a redemption program that was cut off by the loss of our license, the NHLPA could not have cared less about collectors.
    (18:21:35) (habsmtl09): Any change of having more representation in Quebec? I don't remember seeing ITG reps in MTL shows
    (18:21:39) bprice: So that is my long winded answers. I appreciate what collectors have tried to do but I think it is a waste of time.
    (18:21:43) reoddai: I think that there are still a few angry collectors about that redemption program
    (18:22:12) SkidSTL: These are interesting insights Dr. Price. Is the NHLPA the sole decider on licensing or is the NHL involved as well?
    (18:22:14) (Wickabee): This may have been answered already and I missed it, but what do you think are the real chances of ITG getting a license in the near future?
    (18:22:21) (Wickabee): Also, hi Dr. Price!
    (18:22:34) 30ranfordfan: back to enforcers..... the checklists online still say they are pending. Does this mean we should expect to see a few more names added before the release date?
    (18:23:09) bprice: The angriest was myself. I offered to pay for the new cards and finish the program until it was over. They said "NO UD will finish it". Then they waited almost year to make some cards and screwed collectors for balance of the program. Now back to the BTP questions as my blood pressure goes back down.
    (18:23:31) bprice: What was the BTP question again?
    (18:23:52) (jbudny): I have not seen much info posted on this years upcoming Between the Pipes. I was just wondering when you would be posting some sample scans on your blog. Secondly, being a big fan of the set, do you plan on trying any new ideas in this years series?
    (18:23:52) (ajscards101): Hello, mr. price! I'm a big fan of ITG!
    (18:24:29) (hossa18sens): Hi all. Can't stay long but thought I would check in. Welcome Dr. Price and thanks for taking the time to do this.
    (18:25:02) 30ranfordfan: I believe the quesiton was asking about when we can expect to start seeing promotional material for the next BTP release, and if there are any new concepts you're planning to introduce this year?
    (18:25:16) bprice: This is the 10th Anniversary of BTP and we are doing a ton of special things in the product. Because it won't be released until April, we are holding off making too many announcements as we sometimes see some of our ideas in others products. Trust me, it will be spectacular. The Masks are going to be great and will have no EMERALD parallels.
    (18:25:56) bprice: Now for the Enforcers question. I think the final base, autograph and memorabilia checklist are up. There might be a couple more 1/1s added to the memorabilia checklist.
    (18:26:00) (ajscards101): Does ITG do basketball cards? Or are they strictly baseball and hockey?
    (18:26:18) (RGM): speaking of those Emerald parallels, at what point did you decide to go with emblems & patches for the cards in the first program? I was absolutely blown away by the Price redemption when I opened the package.
    (18:27:12) bprice: Trying to catch up with the questions. We would like to have a greater presence in the Quebec market. We used to do at least two shows each year. What we found was we came home with too many of our redemption cards and determined that the market was not there for us.
    (18:27:59) bprice: We do mainly hockey cards, we did do a baseball prospects product, my Sportkings company does athletes from all sports but we have never done a basketball only product.
    (18:28:31) reoddai: Let's hold off on new questions until Dr. Price has caught his breath
    (18:28:43) bprice: Oh the EMERALD debacle. One of my worst days in the hobby was the day of the release when I found out we made that error.
    (18:29:27) reoddai: Since someone asked, here are the links to the enforcers checklists:
    (18:30:05) bprice: We waited until an Expo to canvass collectors and see what they thought we could do to make up for our error and then the redemption program was developed. Once I saw the number of redemptions I felt that using patches where possible would be the right thing to do. I know as a collector, I would have appreciated it after the error and the time and money it took to collect 17 cards.
    (18:30:43) (hossa18sens): Do you think the media "bash" of enforcers wil help out the sales in the long run or are they going as you thought they would
    (18:30:53) bprice: By the way, hello to many of the names I recognize from other boards.
    (18:31:05) (jbudny): flipping a negative into a positive, those emerald redemptions have been a hit with collectors and the patches used are pretty spectacular!
    (18:31:47) (RGM): I can say that it was greatly appreciated. And it has definitely sparked the secondary market - the last two Price Emerald MM3's have both gone for well over $15, pretty solid numbers for an insert card.
    (18:31:59) CoolHandLuke: I also dothink ITG was up to the chalenge in repairing their mistake with a fast program put into place and to have warn all collectors
    (18:32:01) bprice: It had an amazing impact. Sales to the general, non-collecting public have been great. We think the product will be sold-out at Release Date which is incredible at this time in our hobby.
    (18:32:31) bprice: On the EMERALD program, I wanted to do whatever I possibly could to make a terrible situation a little better.
    (18:33:05) bprice: You have no idea how many ITG bashers there are out there due to the EMERALD error, they just won't admit it.
    (18:33:20) (mw83krk): In general, what would you say is the state of the sportscard industry? Downward/upward/stagnant state?
    (18:33:39) (hossa18sens): I think that it was a big error that you handled very very well
    (18:33:47) (24redsfan): Heres a question I thought of awhile back. What do you do with the HSHS points? Do you recycle them for next year HSHS program?
    (18:34:09) bprice: Definitely downward. Hockey is about level because of the large number of tremendously loyal collectors. Baseball is down, football is off a little more and basketball is really suffering.
    (18:34:29) (SabreGuy39): Any idea when we can expect auto and memo checklists for H&P?
    (18:34:33) (bonnev659): Dr. Price for Enforcers, is there any Whalers mem? I know I am going after a bunch of cards already and i have pre order 1 box from my lcs can't wait for me it
    (18:34:39) bprice: We shred them. Just bought a new super-dooper shreder, it's fun to watch.
    (18:35:25) 30ranfordfan: look for my package with 800 points soon!
    (18:35:31) bprice: I am not sure about Whalers memorabilia. I would have to check my files at the office. I would hate to say no and be wrong.
    (18:35:52) bprice: 800 card packages are heavy, I'm too old to pick it up.
    (18:36:14) (bonnev659): thanks Dr. Price, just have to keep my eye out on the forums then
    (18:36:14) 30ranfordfan: I've got one. Based on what I've read from your posts, blogs, etc in the past - I realize you've been shut out of a license by the NHL/PA. It's something you've attempted to get back, but have had no success. Recently though - you released a Heroes & Prospects set for Baseball. Is a licensing agreement with MLB & their Player's Association something you're trying for?
    (18:36:14) (hossa18sens): Get me a Billy Smith Sean lol
    (18:37:23) (jbudny): this years itg memorabilia series was incredible and I thank you for producing some nice Terry Sawchuk and Kirk McLean items for my PC. I have enjoyed hunting them down. For such an incredible series, how long is the production time from start to actually producing the cards. I would imagine it would be quite challenging to track down so much game used items!
    (18:37:24) bprice: The Heroes and Prospects was not licensed. Topps has an exclusive with MLB and share a license with Panini for MLBPA. We simply signed all the players individually.
    (18:37:49) (mw83krk): Do you every have players who don't want to have their autographs in your products, no matter what $ you offer them?
    (18:38:01) bprice: The time from an idea to a product is usually over a year. Sometimes 18 months.
    (18:38:07) reoddai: We're three questions deep. Please hold off for a bit
    (18:38:11) bprice: We are constantly buying memorabilia.
    (18:38:38) (24redsfan): Have you ever thought of doing on card autos? I don't remember one of your products have hard signed autos and they are popular among collectors.
    (18:38:42) bprice: I buy it for my collection if ITG doesn't need it at the time and then sell it to ITG when they do. When good memorabilia comes along, you don't pass on it.
    (18:39:10) bprice: I hated to say good bye to my Bobby Orr jersey a number of years ago but I was lucky enough to replace it eventually.
    (18:39:25) bprice: There are some players who won't sign with us.
    (18:39:35) bprice: Usually it is their agents who say "no".
    (18:39:46) (MasonRaymond03): question, where is a good place to buy certified memorabillia Brian?
    (18:39:47) (centrehice): Is that because of contractual obligations with UD?
    (18:39:48) bprice: Some have exclusives with other companies.
    (18:40:18) (camgo74): How much product can you make with one jersey?
    (18:40:43) (hossa18sens): Are you starting to run low on Memorabilia from some of the vintage guys (Plante, Sawchuk, Morenz... and so on)?
    (18:40:49) bprice: We usually offer the players a fair price and pay them on time. Not surprisingly you see their utographs in our products when their autographs are redemptions in others products.
    (18:41:16) bprice: What is a good place to buy certified memorabilia. You need to be more specific about certified memorabilia.
    (18:41:31) (24redsfan): Have you ever thought of doing on card autos? I don't remember one of your products have hard signed autos and they are popular among collectors.
    (18:42:03) (MasonRaymond03): like game used stuff. I heard classic auctions is pretty good?
    (18:42:12) bprice: Yes, some of our pieces are starting to get very low and it is reflected in lowering the number of times we can use that player until another piece of memorabilia comes along. You never know when that is going to happen.
    (18:42:28) (hossa18sens): ty
    (18:42:37) bprice: What do you mean by a "card auto"?
    (18:42:43) (SabreGuy39): Any idea when we can expect auto and memo checklists for H&P?
    (18:42:49) (scottkoz20): hard signed on card auto
    (18:42:58) (24redsfan): They sign directly on the card. No stickers
    (18:42:59) (586650): What are your 3 proudest accomplishments and 3 greatest regrets as president of ITG?
    (18:43:02) bprice: We do hard signed autographs on many of our products.
    (18:43:12) (centrehice): Any chance of bringing back a Retro GU Design similar to the BAP 98-99 Jerseys? Today they are still the nicest Cards ever made when it comes to Game-Used
    (18:43:53) bprice: H&P autograph checklist is ready and should be posted next week. The game-used checklist is almost done and should be posted the following week. We think it is important to show collectors what is in a product before we ask them to buy it.
    (18:44:24) bprice: 586650 can we come back to that later, it requires a little thought and I do want to answer it.
    (18:44:46) (SabreGuy39): Awesome! Can't wait to see it, H&P is a killer product every year and this year should be no exception. Loveeee the new look of the base and inserts by the way!
    (18:44:54) (586650): Thanks, I'm looking forward to it
    (18:45:06) bprice: I will let design know your thoughts about 98-99 BAP jerseys, we could use it for H&P where we can show full body images.
    (18:45:27) (chezzie): Do you have any information on the 2006/07 ITG Phenoms set? There seems to be very little known info on it.
    (18:45:47) (jbudny): it is greatly appreciated when you post checklists in advance! It gives a lot of us player collectors fair warning to set aside some money in advance to go after the pc cards we desire.
    (18:45:50) bprice: I missed something, Classic Auctions are very reliable to deal with.
    (18:46:22) (216045): Have you considered putting print runs on your inserts? I know alot of the insert sets fall only 1 per box, so they can't be a very high run, so why not Stamp them with a serial number to increase their value and collectability?
    (18:46:24) reoddai: Dr. Price, would you like us to slow it down or are you okay with the pace?
    (18:46:41) bprice: I don't have any information offhand on the 2006-07 Phenoms since it was six years ago. If you email Customer Service they can answer any questions that are public information.
    (18:46:51) CoolHandLuke: (chezzie)
    (18:46:58) (chezzie): Thanks!
    (18:47:41) (RGM): have you ever thought of putting together a "career journey" type card for a player that follows his career from Prospect to Hero? it would be cool to have a card featuring a player as a junior, AHL'er, and current NHL'er
    (18:48:00) bprice: We have gone back and forth on this for years. It is a complicated issue. When we used to stamp cards and there was a damaged card, the collectors were violently opposed to getting a hand numbered placement. It was outragiously expensive to send one card at a time to get stamped.
    (18:48:35) (centrehice): Brian - How about Original 6 Arena photos as a concept? Even existing arenas as an extreme Short Print insert?
    (18:48:37) (hossa18sens): Did you find it hard to get the GU stuff for the enforcers set? the breakdown of 5 auto's and only 2 GU per box surprised me (not a bad thing just a surprise)
    (18:49:16) (hossa18sens): Or are the guys just very happy to sign?
    (18:49:21) bprice: In addition, we use authentic memorabilia in our cards and when cards were damaged in the stamping process it was horrendous to open them up and re-use the memorabilia. So for a while we hand numbed our inserts, collectors complained. We keep on going back and forth on the subject.
    (18:49:48) (24redsfan): Have you ever considered doing a set dedicaded to team USA? I know you are a Canadian company and do a lot of Canadian products but it would be nice to have a team USA set.
    (18:49:54) bprice: I like arenas, I like coaches, I like referees as a collector. Do you like them as well?
    (18:50:03) (scottkoz20): Dr. Price, I want to share with you that I think you will like. I have a friend in the Buffalo area that mainly collects Baseball and Football, he ended up buying a box of Heroes on my suggestion and got hooked... ended up buying 4 cases of 08-09 Heroes. The only hockey he currently buy is your stuff.
    (18:50:09) bprice: Team USA was impossible to get a license from, impossible.
    (18:50:13) (centrehice): Absolutely, even Zambonis.
    (18:50:31) bprice: Scottkoz20, I appreciate that.
    (18:51:12) reoddai: Coaches, Referees areans - all yes. Areans like the 50's parkhurst cards and coaches and linesmen like the old Pro set. Not overboard, just a nice base card every now and then, maybe an auto of the most famous ones
    (18:51:43) (hockeyguy2006): Kerry Fraser hair card!
    (18:51:58) patriotsguy: Dr Price, as you mentioned that it's expensive to "repair" a card that has memorabilia in it that was machine #ed, what about just doing base and inserts? Also with just those in mind what's the process and headaches of correcting a card like this that is damaged?
    (18:52:08) (SabreGuy39): An announcer subset would be sweeeet
    (18:52:09) bprice: Hossa18sens I did that ratio because collectors told me that they love to collect autograph sets and at the price of each box if I reversed the ratio, they would have to buy too many boxes to put the set together. To this day people are still putting together our Original Six, Franchise, 1972 The Year in Hockey and Decades The 80's autograph sets.
    (18:52:49) (hossa18sens): RGM that was a great idea. A player history card would be cool. Billy Smith would be great. He won at all levels
    (18:52:58) (24redsfan): @Sabreguy- Didn't Panini do an insert set already for announcers?
    (18:53:04) bprice: If a card is out of 999, does it really matter if it is serially numbered. Wouldn't you rather have one that is not serially number but is only out of 100. I know I would.
    (18:53:29) bprice: There you go, Panini copied my idea already LOL.
    (18:53:35) (chezzie): Do you collect anyone yourself? In terms of cards, I've heard you collect jerseys.
    (18:53:37) (hossa18sens): lol
    (18:53:40) (216045): The problem is that your inserts are undervalued
    (18:53:53) (SabreGuy39): 24redsfan: Yes they did and it was one of my favorites, I'd just love to see ITG make one too so I can have more haha
    (18:53:56) (RGM): well Chris, even a blind squirrel finds an acorn every so often. LOL I've always thought it would be cool to see a guy's career evolve in one fell swoop
    (18:54:02) (216045): people assume they are mass produced, when in reality, many are actually quite hard to get ahold of
    (18:54:23) bprice: I stopped collecting cards about ten years ago. Sold all my cardboard for wool jerseys. I sold my cards at an all-time high it was great. I still have a complete run of Parkhurst cards, can' forget my roots.
    (18:54:25) (hossa18sens): Acorn? you are "nuts" lol
    (18:54:41) (RGM): more than a little lol
    (18:54:46) (iluvfish2): Any chance at marking (maybe with an asterisk) which autographs from the Decades 80's Autograph Set are from the USA cards (some players has multiple autographs - Jim Craig for one example)? As one that's not very familiar with this, the card numbering doesn't indicate which might be one without a known checklist
    (18:55:27) bprice: Not sure what the Decades autograph card question is. Please explain.
    (18:56:33) (iluvfish2): Just the players that are pictured for the team usa, if those cards (20) could be marked on the checklist.
    (18:56:49) (24redsfan): Have you ever considered doing a game used glass pane?
    (18:56:53) (hockeyguy2006): I think he means USA-JC as the card number
    (18:56:59) (RGM): I have a question about the Inspired Masks from last year's set - love the cards. Have you ever approached the original mask artists to see if they would do sketch cards or supply the original artwork for the masks? I have chatted with David Arrigo (who does many of the masks you see today) a couple times and I think he could be interested in doing such a thing.
    (18:57:03) reoddai: I think he means in the website:
    Could you please mark the USA players with an asterisk
    (18:57:05) bprice: I just looked at the Decades auto checklist and I see what you are saying. For legal reasons we don't use team names on checklist but I will look into making this easier for collectors. Thanks for bringing it to my atention.
    (18:57:19) (MasonRaymond03): Brian: Have you thought about putting the 2010 canadian olympic gold medal winners in Canada vs the world?
    (18:57:39) (iluvfish2): I dont have any in front of me at the moment but can explain later in a PM. I think say jim craig is AU-JC, this might be listed this way but also as AU-JC2
    (18:57:50) bprice: Before we did the Masked Men cards, we did Mask cards where we worked with the original designers. It is a very good idea.
    (18:58:13) (hossa18sens): Well I need to take off. Guy's I am trying to get a GB together for enforcers if anybody is interested. Have a good one all.
    (18:58:17) bprice: We have to be careful about how we use Olympic designations.
    (18:58:38) (iluvfish2): but as someone new that was chasing this set I can't use any of your checklists to
    find all 20, I need to go to a team usa checklist and work backwards
    (18:58:41) bprice: Group break for Enforcers, let me know when it is taking place. Love to watch.
    (18:58:46) reoddai: Yes, if anyone is interested in getting in on an Enforcers Group break, please visit's
    SCF's thread here:
    (18:58:47) SkidSTL: nite chris - i'll let ya know
    (18:58:51) CoolHandLuke: (iluvfish2) Check SCF checlist of auto from decades most have images and on it you can see team usa
    (18:59:11) bprice: iluvfish2, I hear you. It is a very good point. I will work on a solution.
    (18:59:26) (hockeyguy2006): If you can't put USA just put American, Canadian, etc.
    (18:59:38) (hossa18sens): Thanks very much for doing this Dr. Price. Nice to have you on just to shoot the breeze. I will send you a PM on the BG if we can get it going
    (18:59:43) (iluvfish2): 20 min after it gets to my door I likely have the set just havent had the time to go through them given the 3+ cases I broke at the National this year (and 2 I did in Toronto)
    (18:59:48) bprice: I'll come up with something.
    (19:00:28) (24redsfan): Did you ever consider doing a redemption for full jerseys? It was done in the past and I think it would be a cool idea.
    (19:00:42) bprice: Just did it in UM-10.
    (19:01:07) (cool-vintage): I have 3 questions
    (19:01:12) (24redsfan): wow I need to get on the ball lol
    (19:01:48) reoddai: 24redsfan:
    (19:01:59) bprice: cool-vintage let's have one at a time.
    (19:02:13) (cool-vintage): Can you make a car of the hall of fame rover "Si" Griffiths
    (19:02:32) reoddai: In case you don't know him off the top of your head
    (19:02:55) bprice: Help, I don't understand the first question and I'm afraid if I clink on the link I won't find my way back in.
    (19:03:09) (cool-vintage): Thanks for posting the link
    (19:03:10) reoddai: Silas Seth "Sox" Griffis (September 22, 1883 – July 9, 1950) was a Canadian athlete of the early 20th century. In ice hockey, Griffis was a two-time Stanley Cup winner, with the 1907 Kenora Thistles and the 1915 Vancouver Millionaires. He is an inductee of the Hockey Hall of Fame.
    (19:03:45) (hockeyguy2006): The question is can you make card(s) of "Si" Griffiths.
    (19:03:56) bprice: And I though I knew hockey. I will certainly look into it for future products. Thanks
    (19:04:13) (SabreGuy39): Any idea if you've expanded the checklist of players with a Complete Logo in this year's H&P? I've seen many players with GUs in the past but without the Complete Logo and was wondering why that is.
    (19:04:18) (cool-vintage): Thank you
    (19:04:54) bprice: First off, I hope you noticed that to include more players as collectors asked for, we made the H&P base set 200 cards
    (19:05:10) (iluvfish2): One additional question for you Dr. Price as this one has always interested me. Considering the Sports Card legalities. Is is possible to take an autographed card (or even an letter?)from a player under contract from another company, cut the autograph out, and place this into a product without creating a massive legal battle? Gretzky being an example.
    (19:05:35) bprice: I am going back to the office next week and perhaps we can expand the Complete Logo checklist for this release.
    (19:05:37) reoddai: ITG H&P checklist
    (19:07:27) bprice: There are a lot of things you can do legally but you have to pick your battles. You might be right legally but that does not prohibit someone from suing you and costing you a fortune in legal fees and time. So you might be able to do what you mentioned but you also might be sued.
    (19:07:31) (SabreGuy39): I did notice, and I'm ecstatic as a collector! And that would be awesome! I think the logos are amazing cards and have always wanted to get one of my favorite players but they've never made the lists unfortunately.
    (19:08:21) bprice: cool-vintage how about question #2?
    (19:08:49) bprice: sabreguy39 who is it?
    (19:09:37) (cool-vintage): Will there be another A Year In Hockey set made similar to the 1972
    (19:09:40) reoddai: I actually have cool-vintage's question from the thread:
    will there be any low-end products like Score/UD
    (19:10:16) (281074): What's your thoughts about inserting a subset consisting of all players from the medal-teams in WJC (or top6 teams) into the H&P-product?
    (19:10:22) bprice: We cannot afford to do any of those types of products, sorry. It would take a long time to explain.
    (19:11:02) (andrewconnors9): Couple questions, one, being a Phil Kessel collector, will you have any releases with him in it besides the high end products? and number two, I actually PM'd you asking this one recently, but have you ever thought of making cards with the GU Skate Blade in them? I'm pretty sure no one has done this, someone correct me if I am wrong, but would definitely be neat to see and of course all us collectors are always after the newest thing (ie. the new GU tape cards that came out)
    (19:11:09) (cool-vintage): That's ok thanks for letting me know.
    (19:11:12) reoddai: Dr. Price is that in response to the 'similar to score' question or the 'similar to 1972' question?
    (19:11:47) (ITGLOVER): Which product are you most excited about releasing this year?
    (19:11:53) bprice: WJC is also a problem. We had the Team Canada license a number of years ago. Make a junior set, a women's set and another major set for them. UD came along and threw some money on the table and our license was gone. They just use it for subsets. Nice to see my Canadian tax dollars at work.
    (19:12:11) (SabreGuy39): Zack Kassian and Tyler Ennis would be high on my complete logo wishlist
    (19:12:35) bprice: Phil Kessel is not under contract to ITG.
    (19:13:15) bprice: We have made cards using skate blades in the past, many times. Help me collectors.
    (19:13:26) (ITGLOVER): "Blades Of Steel"
    (19:13:36) (andrewconnors9): I thought those were just the black part of the skates?
    (19:13:41) (andrewconnors9): the Blades of Steel
    (19:13:47) 30ranfordfan: right, from several of the Ultimate Memoribilia releases
    (19:13:55) (hockeyguy2006): it has been done
    (19:13:55) reoddai: I know in superlative that Vezina had pieces of metal as skate blades for sure
    (19:13:58) bprice: Well Enforcers was going to be a niche product until Georges Laraque caused such a fuss. Now I'm really looking forward to it.
    (19:14:13) (ITGLOVER): Thank you for answering bprice
    (19:14:15) bprice: The 10th Anniversary of BTP is exciting.
    (19:14:22) (andrewconnors9): as for Kessel, he has 3 cards in 10-11 ITG Ultimate?
    (19:14:33) (RGM): such a shame about the World Junior license too - the 07-08 O Canada set is one of my favourite products ever. It helps that it features a goalie I like. ITG did so much more with that area of the cards than UD has, that's for sure.
    (19:14:38) bprice: Our next release after H&P is called Captain-C and it will be spectaculr.
    (19:14:43) SkidSTL: Any chance that Enforcers could be an annual product?
    (19:15:20) (ITGLOVER): Captain-C? Sounds great, any sneek peak such as how manys packs or anything?
    (19:15:30) (Bauldie): Dr. Price - Does ITG have more in depth checklists of show cards produced? The details pre lockout of show cards are great but after that the info on your site tends to get a little sparse with some shows missing altogether. I've pieced together what I can from the internet for our inventory but I know we are still missing a lot of cards. Thanks!
    (19:16:55) bprice: The base cards for Captain-C are all foil similar to The Mask cards. There are autograph cards and game-used cards. All cards feature players who were captains of their respective teams. Never been done before as a product, that's why I'm doing it and I am excited.
    (19:17:16) (ITGLOVER): Good luck bprice. If you know me, i will be buying some
    (19:17:25) (hockeyguy2006): How is it packaged?
    (19:17:25) (gomaz): Captains C sounds like a great concept Brian. I foresee lots of Dale Hawerchuk!
    (19:17:31) bprice: ITGLOVER goes straight to the head of the class, love your name.
    (19:17:47) (ITGLOVER):
    (19:18:12) (SabreGuy39): With Captain-C will that be only NHL captains or juniors/AHL captains as well?
    (19:18:29) (gomaz): ...Olympics...
    (19:18:34) (yazfan71): Just out of curiosity, has the thought of inserting redemption cards for uncut press sheets ever been considered? So many of these get scrapped for a number of various reasons, yet would make for great collectibles!
    (19:18:34) (RGM): Nice! Now that is definitely something to look forward to!
    (19:18:36) bprice: We are focusing on NHL captains.
    (19:18:52) (cool-vintage): Do you have a price range for Captians C?
    (19:19:07) bprice: You know I like the idea of junior captains as well, I'm going to look into it.
    (19:19:14) (RGM): I have to step up my campaign for Gorges to take over from Gionta for the C in Montreal.
    (19:19:28) bprice: Around the same price as Canada vs The World
    (19:19:30) (RGM): Yes, yes, do it! Specifically one from the Kelowna Rockets, circa 2003-04
    (19:19:52) bprice: I hear you.
    (19:20:08) (gomaz): Brian, I am captain of my shinny league.... any love?
    (19:20:17) (24redsfan): Will you plan to release a set that will be geared towards getting kids into the hobby? It seems like less and less kids are getting into the card industry
    (19:20:18) bprice: Send me a jersey.
    (19:20:29) (gomaz): Its on its way
    (19:20:31) reoddai: yazfan71 - I believe that ITG sometimes gives these out as prizes. I know that I won the enshrined one at the last spring expo which got signed by the artist and Dr. Price.
    (19:20:41) (281074): will it only be captains or will you also have cards on alternative captains?
    (19:22:05) reoddai: I think we're getting into a bit of a lull. I'll start pulling out questions from the thread as it slows down
    (19:22:06) bprice: 24redsfan I think it is the responsibility of the two licensees to make cards for the kids. They have all the rookies and the use of the logos. We need to continue to serve our limited market to stay in business. It is simple as that. Don't want to sound nasty about it but if I was in direct competition with them, I would put out a product for kids.
    (19:22:35) bprice: We are not doing alternate captains in this product, sorry.
    (19:22:41) reoddai: This question comes from westey
    Dr. Price, any chance of a Heroes and Prospects Hits style for hockey in the future to go along with the great regular set each year?
    (19:23:36) bprice: Not sure, I read that what do you folks think about a high-end H&P product with hits only. I have kept the H&P format the same so collectors can collect the base card set. What do you think?
    (19:23:38) (ITGLOVER): Is there a possibility you can get those straps on the goalie helmets and use them in cards?
    (19:24:12) (RGM): I prefer the current format for H&P. Base cards are still fun for set builders
    (19:24:14) (mw83krk.): I personally enjoy the H&P base set quite a bit!
    (19:24:20) (MasonRaymond03): i think thatd be cool
    (19:24:23) 30ranfordfan: there will be a transcript / recap posted
    (19:24:32) (hockeyguy2006): Wouldn't the hits only style effect the hits in the regular H&P negatively?
    (19:24:45) bprice: That's what I would think.
    (19:24:55) (cool-vintage): I think you should keep H&P the same
    (19:25:04) (hockeyguy2006): If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    (19:25:06) reoddai: I like the base for my non-NHL players. Hits only doesn't feel right
    (19:25:08) (281074): Why isnt there any parallels for the basecards in H&P and BtP?
    (19:25:18) (ITGLOVER): please no parallels
    (19:25:19) bprice: Goalie masks are impossible to acquire and more difficult to cut up for cards.
    (19:25:32) (iluvfish2): I think it would be negative. Very likely the same players could/can/are used in a different product throughout the year
    (19:25:37) (mw83krk.): I second that -- NO interested in parallels personally
    (19:25:46) (MasonRaymond03): brian, do you think game used blocker pieces would be popular for BTP??
    (19:25:58) bprice: We used to do base card parallels and collectors didn't like them. We now leave that to others to do.
    (19:26:08) SkidSTL: Dr. Price, earlier you mentioned that there may be some more 1/1 memorabilia added to Enforcers - will there be any other surprises in store for collectors not mentioned before?
    (19:26:12) (24redsfan): Have you ever considered making a card for Dr. Price himself? Game used suit?
    (19:26:16) bprice: We have used many blockers in our cards in the past.
    (19:26:20) (ITGLOVER): LOL redsfan
    (19:26:32) (MasonRaymond03): but have you thought of putting GU blockers in the current BTP sets?
    (19:26:35) bprice: I did have a card in 1972 The Year in Hockey by mistake.
    (19:26:49) (iluvfish2): I'm still trying to get the 1972 one!
    (19:26:59) (ITGLOVER): they put blocker pieces in 10-11 BTP...
    (19:27:00) (RGM): are any of those still floating around? haven't seen one in a long time
    (19:27:09) bprice: They were not supposed to be in the product.
    (19:27:19) bprice: I hope there are not many floating around.
    (19:27:33) CoolHandLuke: Being in charge of SCF card database, we find it hard to enter cards from ITG from your checlist possted. I sent you a email about a possible format in spreadsheet, do you think we could work out something to make sure we can list all the cards you produce in the future and maybe if you have a database for past cards? I know collector that keep track on there computer appreciate a spreasheet format.
    (19:27:49) bprice: There will be lots of blockers, trappers, pads etc in the 10th Anniversary of BTP
    (19:28:13) (24redsfan): I found a card of Brian Price! :o
    (19:28:14) bprice: Coolhandluke I passed your PM on to my web people, we are looking into it.
    (19:28:27) bprice: I wish that was me.
    (19:28:38) CoolHandLuke: Thanks, much appreciated
    (19:28:46) (281074): about the WJC-license, is it only for Canada or has UD license to all nations?
    (19:28:46) reoddai: Here's a question from earlier in the chat that you wanted to think about
    (586650): What are your 3 proudest accomplishments and 3 greatest regrets as president of ITG?
    (19:28:56) (MasonRaymond03): niice thanks for the info Brian
    (19:29:49) bprice: Accomplishment One: When I first licensed my Parkhurst name to Pro Set, I made them number the cases, the first hockey card product with numbered cases so collectors could see how limited they were.
    (19:30:45) bprice: Accomplishment Two: When I licensed Parkhurst to Upper Deck, part of my deal was to to three retrospective hockey card products. The Missing Link, Tall Boys and The Bobby Orr Rookie Year. I am most proud of those three products.
    (19:32:57) bprice: Accomplishment Three: My direct contractual relationship with over 1,500 hundred hockey players over the years. The best athletes in all of sports. Wonderful human beings, great story tellers, good friends, nice guys, loyal relationships. As you can see I am very proud of this. Money cannot buy this. That's why we can get players to sign for us when others can't. They are our friends and part of the ITG family.
    (19:33:46) bprice: Regret One: The loss of my license at the hands of Ted Saskin without warning or the chance to compete for it.
    (19:34:58) bprice: Regret Two: The loss of working with Gordie Howe. I brought Gordie back into hockey cards and had a wonderful relationship with the entire family. When Colleen got sick they hired someone to do their business affairs and the next thing I knew, UD had an exclusive.
    (19:35:11) bprice: Regret Three: The Emerald Masked Men cards.
    (19:35:31) bprice: Told you it would take some time to answer that question.
    (19:35:46) (andrewconnors9): Maybe regret three, but accomplishment #4 would be those beautiful redemption cards you came up with
    (19:35:52) reoddai: Great answers take great time
    (19:35:54) (RiceBondsMntna): Thanks for taking the time to do was an overly involved question but the answers are fascinating
    (19:36:02) (MasonRaymond03): yeah
    (19:36:03) reoddai: This next question comes from gretzkyfan al the way from Russia
    1. Who was set designer for 06/07 ITG INTERNATIONAL ICE AND 11/12 CANADA vs World series? Best wishes to them and You to take them for this work. That is fantastic and I think the best rating quality/money series and THE BEST SETS I have been collected for!
    Dr. Lyashenko Artyom (Russia)
    (19:36:07) bprice: Thanks, I really appreciate that.
    (19:36:07) 30ranfordfan: enjoyed the answers. I didn't realize you had the Parkhurst name that far back (i.e. to license to pro set)
    (19:36:26) (iluvfish2): I'll agree with andrewconnors on that. Love the redemptions incentives
    (19:36:45) bprice: I acquired the name in 1990, tried to get a license and couldn't. That's when I joined forces with Pro Set for two years and then Upper Deck.
    (19:37:16) bprice: The designer of International Ice and Canada vs The World is the same designer that collectors complain about all the time.
    (19:37:32) bprice: I think he is great and he has been with me for ten years. Part of the ITG family.
    (19:37:58) bprice: He has many design restrictions to work with and I feel he does a great job. Even though Georges Laraque might now.
    (19:38:04) bprice: Sorry that is "not".
    (19:38:34) reoddai: This question comes from Leafsan1967 and it about an older product. If you don't have
    an immediate answer, I'm sure they'll understand.
    Hi, Dr. Price! My daughter, and I attempted to put together a complete set of the 2006 ITG Going For Gold woman's memorabilia set (out of 22), as well as the the autographed set (out of 24), and am proud to announce we finally accomplished that feat just a couple weeks ago.
    I was curious to know why there wasn't a mem card made for two of the players St. Louis, and Wilson? Was it simply a matter of not getting ahold of their jerseys, or was it just a matter of not getting them in time for packout? The funny thing about it was the last two autos we needed were those exact two players. I was also wondering if they were SP'd, because they sure were hard to find?
    This was a beautiful set, and we are very proud to own it. Thanks, and keep up the great work!
    Troy and Cassie
    (19:39:50) bprice: Congratulations. I'm don't remember off hand about St. Louis and Wilson, sorry.
    (19:40:20) reoddai: No problem. How was the enforcers checklist determined? Do you have a dedicated staff, is it a solo effort, do you have a brainstorming session?
    (19:41:00) reoddai: To everyone in the chat, if you have a question, please just jump in and ask.
    (19:41:38) (MasonRaymond03): brian, will there be any Sidney Crosby autos in this years H&P?
    (19:42:16) bprice: Our staff consists of 12 people. All passionate hockey fans. We sit in a room and put out a list of players we want for a project and then go out and get them. Some of the Enforcers we wanted for the project did not respond to us, we took that as a "no" but we got over 90% of those we wanted for this particular project.
    (19:42:38) bprice: We do not have an agreement with Sidney Crosby at this time.
    (19:42:47) reoddai: This question come from LuuucnDino
    Dr. Price,
    Will you be issuing any Sean Avery cards with the Connecticut Whale?
    Thanks. BTW. Loved the Decades set quads. Great cards!
    (19:42:55) (24redsfan): Have you ever considered doing a set that has a ticket from a certain game? I know Topps did it in baseball. Example, autographed ticket of the game where Ryan Nugent-Hopkins scored his first goal.
    (19:43:03) 30ranfordfan: is that a typical success rate? I would assume with any product you have some that decline - but 90% sounds pretty good
    (19:43:05) (luuucndino): Thanks redoddai
    (19:43:11) bprice: Hard to say who we will be doing cards of in the future.
    (19:43:26) bprice: Licensing will be an issue for ticket cards.
    (19:43:56) bprice: I loved those cards too. Look for more of them in Decades the '90s.
    (19:44:40) reoddai: This question comes from Wingsfan-13
    Any chance we can see some of those amazing jumbo swatches in H&P, would love to see a Griffins logo as big as the whole card!
    (19:44:48) (luuucndino): Cool!
    (19:44:55) bprice: I have a question for all of you. Would you have changed the Georges Laraque card in Enforcers if you were me?
    (19:45:04) (hockeyguy2006): No
    (19:45:05) SkidSTL: nope
    (19:45:12) 30ranfordfan: personally, no
    (19:45:16) (cool-vintage): Nope
    (19:45:18) (mw83krk.): no
    (19:45:21) (24redsfan): no
    (19:45:21) (hockeyguy2006): If I did it would be fairies/peace signs/daisies
    (19:45:23) (ClaudeGirouxTM): Did you end up changing it?
    (19:45:27) (hockeyguy2006): with hearts
    (19:45:41) (RGM): no, you did the right thing by sticking to the principle of the set
    (19:45:46) bprice: No I did not change it.
    (19:45:49) (gomaz): I would have added more blood.
    (19:45:57) (ClaudeGirouxTM): Good for you.
    (19:46:08) bprice: Another question, would you have changed the Wade Belak card if you were me?
    (19:46:12) 30ranfordfan: lol gomaz
    (19:46:15) (RGM): perhaps added a note on the back about seeing Mr. Laraque in the upcoming movie "Goon"
    (19:46:44) bprice: That's a tougher question, isn't it.
    (19:46:45) CoolHandLuke: I think Laraque simply need to fill in a lot of hair time, but I do the difference between the commentator and the player. Laraque did bring color into the games and I think he still need to be in the set.
    (19:46:57) (hockeyguy2006): Maybe change it to a memorial card.
    (19:47:01) (gomaz): Might have added an RIP on the face of the card
    (19:47:11) (mw83krk.): I haven't seen the Belak card so I can't judge -- the Laraque card we've all seen on the promo sheet
    (19:47:15) (cool-vintage): Maybe change it so it is in memory of belak
    (19:47:21) 30ranfordfan: No. Again - this was a set that Wade agreed to be in. His death was unfortunate - but the cards were made
    (19:47:33) (iluvfish2): Given Booklets are now becoming more and more popular has anything be considered in following this trend? My biggest issue with them is still displaying them, but some when done right (which I know ITG would reset the bar on) they look phenomenal.
    (19:48:09) (MasonRaymond03): Anddreeewww
    (19:48:31) bprice: You see, Georges Laraque spoke to CBC before he call ITG. Mrs. Belak spoke to CBC as well but they called her and she reacted as a mother would. We have become great friends since, she is a lovely lady and as a father and grand-father, I feel so badly for her.
    (19:48:36) reoddai: In a previous H&P release, you put in inserts for WW heroes who died. I think a tasteful set about enforcers who had died might be an appropriate way to deal with the Wade Belak issue.
    (19:48:45) SkidSTL: Well said 30Ranfordfan!
    (19:49:44) bprice: We are working on a booklet concept, you are going to love it. Especially player collectors.
    (19:49:58) (RGM): I'm glad to hear that you and the Belak family are on good terms. I hope that they know how much the hockey family misses Wade, and that collectors will want this card as a way to remember him.
    (19:50:18) bprice: We are doing a set of Memorial cards in Heroes for Belak, Rypien, Boogaard and Bourdon.
    (19:50:55) (gomaz): That's classy Brian
    (19:51:10) reoddai: I'm sure it will be well received
    (19:51:12) bprice: I am making two special patch cards, one for each of the Belak girls to honor their father. I tried to get them done by Christmas but couldn't.
    (19:51:28) patriotsguy: ITG is Hockey, and you have dabbled in Baseball, any thoughts on trying the football market?
    (19:51:30) (lambeauleap87): That's a very cool, classy move...
    (19:51:59) (iluvfish2): great idea Dr. Price.
    (19:52:02) SkidSTL: a subset memorializing all who were lost each year would be very nice.
    (19:52:20) bprice: I learned a lot about baseball when I did Heroes and Prospects Baseball. One of the things I learned was to stick to hockey. Not football for me.
    (19:52:29) reoddai: Probert might deserve a place in there too
    (19:52:36) bprice: SkidSTL could be a rights issue.
    (19:52:43) (lambeauleap87): That's a bummer; would love to see new blood in the football market.
    (19:53:13) reoddai: This next question comes from BSEBALLCOMMISH75
    Is there any chance you might be able to make like an Expansion 6 Series should you make another instalment of the Original 6 again from 03/04?
    (19:53:18) bprice: Our relationships are in hockey and if you don't have a license, you certainly need relationships.
    (19:53:34) SkidSTL: yeah, i was thinking about that...would be very nice, but probably would be very tough to do as well!
    (19:53:39) (RGM): have you considered possibly expanding into getting a KHL license? there's a lot of familiar names over there, and it could have an appeal to some collectors
    (19:53:46) bprice: I had a license then so I could use the logos. I would love to do an expansion set. Great idea.
    (19:54:06) CoolHandLuke: So the Enforcers is still plan for Release Date: January 19, 2012? Cain't wait to open it!
    (19:54:13) bprice: KHL set would be a nice idea.
    (19:54:50) bprice: Release Date is definitely January 19th. We are packing it out right now. The office says there will be no delays and no redemptions.
    (19:55:26) CoolHandLuke: Yeah we all hate redemption. Great achivement!
    (19:55:39) (lambeauleap87): That's why we all love ITG.
    (19:55:41) reoddai: No redemptions are definitely a plus
    (19:55:44) reoddai: This is a question from Bimola
    Hi Dr. Price, Thank you for making yourself available to collectors - it is much appreciated and adds to the appeal of your products.
    One question: Having a number of the jumbo emblem cards from Superlative and Enshrined (including the Orr), I would love to know from which jersey's these swatches came from. Would it ever be possible for ITG to make this information available to collectors? (Leaf had the right idea with their 2001 Fabric of the Game sets - they included a photo of the actual jersey on the reverse of the card)
    Thanks for your time!
    (19:56:36) bprice: I just want to take another minute to thank everyone at SCF for allowing me to do this. I would be posted more on your boards but it seems like there are couple of members that take my posts and create havoc with them. I don't want to give them credibility to influence others who don't know my products.
    (19:57:44) (andrewconnors9): Thanks Brian for giving US this time
    (19:57:52) reoddai: We're happy to have you on the boards and involved in this chat.
    (19:57:54) (andrewconnors9): was great to hear from you and what we can look forward to
    (19:58:32) (MasonRaymond03): thanks for your time
    (19:58:37) (iluvfish2): Spending most of my time on the other side of the web I do think you and SCF for doing this. Without the pm notice I would not of known about this and have had a blast participating.
    (19:58:40) SkidSTL: Thank you Dr. Price! I wish you and everyone who joined us tonight the best this year!
    (19:58:43) CoolHandLuke: Well we do appreciate the time you took and I did not see one hate message, so some members do really appreciate your products.
    (19:58:43) (24redsfan): thanks for your time
    (19:58:49) bprice: If I was starting over again, I would take images of all the equipment and make it available. But now some of the boxes are filled with strips of jersey, emblem, numbers and being accurate with the information could be a nightmare. I have a couple of ideas about it and we will see. By the way, we do photograph each piece of memorabilia now, we have been doing so for about three years. Finally got
    smart. We also have a least 100 binders full of COAs for the jerseys.
    (19:59:40) (iluvfish2): that'd be a fun insert set to collect what jerseys does ITG have
    (19:59:55) bprice: Looks like that haters took the night off. Good for them, personally I didn't miss them.
    (19:59:55) 30ranfordfan: yes, thanks again for coming on here! Glad we could host this for the members that made it
    (19:59:59) reoddai: With one minute left and that last answer, that would be the official end of this chat. If you haven't already, please join me in thanking Dr. Price for his time, and generosity in answering our questions
    (20:00:03) (mw83krk.): thank you for your time!
    (20:00:10) reoddai: Thank you Dr. Price!
    (20:00:19) (gomaz): Thanks Brian, see you in May.
    (20:00:38) (RGM): thanks very much for taking time out on your Friday evening to chat with us, Dr. Price!
    (20:00:47) (iluvfish2): speaking of which...always looking for car poolers from Michigan to the Toronto Expos
    (20:00:52) bprice: Thank of all you, hope you enjoy collecting Enforcers as much as I enjoyed making it. In reality, I'm just one super-collector who get's to do this for a living.
    (20:01:21) (lambeauleap87): Thanks, Dr. Price!
    (20:01:31) bprice: Looking to see all of you at an Expo or a National and who knows maybe a show in Quebec next year.
    (20:01:31) patriotsguy: Dr. Price, thanks for doing this chat for the members of SCF. Anytime in the future you want to do a chat I think everyone would be in agreement to do another one. Thanks again and a great New Years for you and ITG!
    (20:01:34) CoolHandLuke: I am a collector who love coding a application for collectors so we are a bit in the same boat
    (20:01:37) (habsmtl09): thanks this waws great!
    (20:01:53) SkidSTL: Great job everyone! Thanks for setting this up and participating!
    (20:01:55) (MasonRaymond03): btw, how long is the live chat up for?
    (20:01:56) bprice: Goodnight all.
    (20:02:10) CoolHandLuke: Thanks again
    (20:02:36) reoddai: Good night to everyone
    (20:02:58) SkidSTL: gnite - see you on the forums later on tongiht
    (20:03:00) reoddai: For those interested, a transcript of the chat will be posted on SCF. Please check the original annoucement thread for details.
    Last edited by reoddai; 01-06-2012 at 09:42 PM.
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    Great, I added the banner in my sig, to give it visibility
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    Might want to make a thread in the announcement forum about this as well
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    Hello, Dr. Brian Price!
    Let me know to ask 2 questions:
    1. Who was set designer for 06/07 ITG INTERNATIONAL ICE AND 11/12 CANADA vs World series? Best wishes to them and You to take them for this work. That is fantastic and I think the best rating quality/money series and TE BEST SETS I have been collected for!
    2. My favourite player is Wayne Gretzky and of course to get his jersey, patch, etc it's very nice, but why you didnt put his autos on last series, that's was realyy hit, auto: 1987: M.Lemieux/ Gretzky/Messier, I think series miss some high level didnt this cards. Dont you mind?
    Thanks and best wishes to you and everybody in ITG.
    Dr. Lyashenko Artyom (Russia)

  5. #5
    Dr. Price, any chance of a Heroes anr Prospects Hits style for hockey in the future to go along with the great regular set each year?
    Players I am looking for:Dan Hamhuis,Tyson Sexsmith,Lucic,Spencer Machacek,Michal Repik,Mark Fistric,Jonathon Blum,Gilbert Brule,Evander Kane,Cody Franson,Brent Festerling,Brendan Mikkelson,Andrej Meszaros,Mario Bliznak & any other former Vancouver Giants players
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    Two-part question: Where is the chat room link? And why was it taken away?
    "...And joy is, after all, the end of life. We do not live to eat and make money. We eat and make money to be able to enjoy life. That is what life means and what life is for." -George Mallory

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    Hi, Dr. Price! My daughter, and I attempted to put together a complete set of the 2006 ITG Going For Gold woman's memorabilia set (out of 22), as well as the the autographed set (out of 24), and am proud to announce we finally accomplished that feat just a couple weeks ago.

    I was curious to know why there wasn't a mem card made for two of the players St. Louis, and Wilson? Was it simply a matter of not getting ahold of their jerseys, or was it just a matter of not getting them in time for packout? The funny thing about it was the last two autos we needed were those exact two players. I was also wondering if they were SP'd, because they sure were hard to find?

    This was a beautiful set, and we are very proud to own it. Thanks, and keep up the great work!

    Troy and Cassie
    Last edited by Leafsfan1967; 01-01-2012 at 09:45 PM.

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    Dr. Price,

    Will you be issuing any Sean Avery cards with the Connecticut Whale?

    Thanks. BTW. Loved the Decades set quads. Great cards!
    Please PM me if you have the card in my avatar.

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    Any chance we can see some of those amazing jumbo swatches in H&P, would love to see a Griffins logo as big as the whole card!
    Collecting all past, present, & future, Red Wings!

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    Looking for Ericsson Black "E" & "C"
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    Wow that is an awesome set. What is the pricing on it?
    Cards and other items available on my Google + page
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