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Thread: Big Ticket's IP Graphing

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    Big Ticket's IP Graphing

    Figured I should start a thread so here it is:

    Thursday June 7th Indy @ Pawtucket

    Went for Indy I did alright pretty much all are as advertised had a hard time getting everything I needed done and can’t make it back for them again but outside of Brandon Boggs they are all guys I’ve gotten in the past anyways. Disappointed that I never got Jeff Clement or Tony Sanchez on some of his newer cards other than that did ok, overall team is really nice outside of Boggs, Navarro, and Kris Johnson brought back his miserable attitude to Pawtucket this series too.

    Jon Hee 3/3
    Ronald Bermudez 3/3
    Ryan Kalish 1/1
    Bill Buckner 1/1 (charting)
    Ralph Truel 1/1


    Jeff Branson 1/1
    Daniel Cabrera 3/6
    Jeff Karstens 1/4
    Jeff Locke 10/10…talked with him about EL AS game last year and how his family is coming down to see him pitch tomorrow

    Rudy Owens 2/2…not as good bout it as he once was
    Duke Welker 2/2
    Justin Wilson 2/2 (charting)
    Eric Fryer 4/4
    Jose Morales 2/2..smudged one
    Tony Sanchez 0/7…ignored, must’ve been a bad night
    Jeff Clement 0/fer…ignored

    Chase D’Arnaud 2/13, 11/11…hit 2 per and told the few people with more cards if he had time to comeback he will get the rest so true to his word he came back and finished ‘em all up. Talked about his brother and working back from his concussion.

    Brian Friday 1/2
    Anderson Hernandez 4/4
    Jeff Larish 1/3
    Yamico Navvaro 0/fer…ignored several times
    Brandon Boggs 0/fer…ignored several times
    Starling Marte 4/4


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    Friday the 8th..doubleheader

    Washington Nationals in Boston

    Went for the Nats Friday in Boston obviously keeping in mind the outside shots at Harper and Strasy especially since he was pitching. Harper came in with Tyler Moore and Steve Lombardozzi and with only 5 of us there, being right in front of him he blew it off, even Moore and Lombardozzi refused. Never saw Ankiel, Zimmerman, Desmond, Espinosa, Laroche or Beast Mode. Other than that did alright had some luck getting AGone which helped to salvage the day.

    Davey Johnson 1/1
    Jesus Flores 1/1
    Chen Ming Wang 1/3
    Sean Burnett 1/1
    Tyler Clippard 1/2, 1/1 (dip)
    Gio Gonzalez 2/2: SS ROMLB & 8x10

    Red Sox

    Andrew Miller 1/1
    Daniel Nava 1/1
    Adrian Gonzalez 1/1 8x10

    Then headed to Pawtucket postgame to finish up what I had left for Indy mainly to get Tony Sanchez, Jeff Clement, and try and get Mark Prior on my SI. With my luck game went 14 innings and wasn’t pretty, was able to get into the park during extra innings saw Rick VandenHurk and he had clipboard on the ground text’n away asked him to sign and his response was “Got nothing else better to do”. Clement refused to sign though but other than that got what I wanted.

    Indy @ Pawtucket


    Mark Melancon 1/3
    Mark Prior 1/1 SI


    Rick VandenHurk 6/6 (charting)
    Tony Sanchez 7/7
    Tim Wood 1/1
    Starling Marte 1/1
    Evan Meek 1/1
    Yamicco Navarro 1/3

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    Saturday the 9th

    G-Braves @ Pawtucket Redsox

    Went for Gwinnett Braves on arrival first day of the series in hopes of getting Jair Jurrjens and Julio Teheran, unfortunately Teheran was called up for a spot start and wasn’t there but least I don’t have to waste my time going back for them, didn’t have much anyway but got what I wanted done outside Teheran absence.


    Daniel Bard 1/3
    Ryan Kalish 2/4
    Pedro Ciriaco 2/2

    Lars Anderson 1/1

    This little kid called his name and the fun began

    Kid: Lars
    LA: What do you want?
    Kid: Could you sign please?
    LA: Should’ve known..ughh
    (signs for him)
    LA: You too? (talking to me)
    Me: Sure Lars that’d be great

    Nate Spears 3/3
    Alex Wilson 2/2
    Mark Prior 1/2
    Che Hsuan Lin 1/1, 1/1 (help)
    Brandon Duckworth 1/1
    Mike Rivera 1/2
    Mark Melancon 1/2…catching on to my alias game

    Ken Ryan 5/5 (doing the game for local TV network)


    Tyler Pastornicky 2/2 card & 8x10
    Adam Russell 1/1
    Ruben Gotay 2/2
    Luis Durango 3/3
    Jair Jurrjens 2/2…signed for 3 people, think he only did 2 for me cause I brought up his time at the EL AS game in ‘07

    Josh Wilson 2/2
    Kris Medlen 3/3
    Felix Pie 3/6
    Cory Gearrin 4/4

    Total: 44

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    G-Braves @ Pawtucket Redsox

    Figured Jair Jurrjens would be charting and had that info confirmed so headed to the park to get him and wasn’t disappointed. Apparently he turned Bobby down who asked him because he remembered him from the night before since Bobby and his mom chased Jair back to the hotel. Anyways he was good again to me but apparently he hadn’t sign for anyone else during the series other than the 2x for me and for this guy that worked for the Braves grounds crew a few years ago. Anyways here are the totals:

    Gerald Perry 3/10
    Clayton Mortensen 11/11
    Mark Prior 1/2, 1/1
    Daniel Bard 1/2..”Didn’t I get you all yesterday?” How about you worry about your command not who you sign for

    Andy Fox 2/2 (rover)


    Jair Jurrjens 2/2 (charting): 8x10 & card
    Eric Junge 9/9
    Stefan Gartrell 2/2
    Jose Yepez 2/2
    Felix Pie 3/3
    Tyler Pastornicky 0/fer…definitely not pleased about being down

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    Daniel Bard has delusions of grandeur. He gets sent down to AAA and he is still worried about someone getting 2 autographs. At spring training I had a jersey number on a folder and he signed the folder, so I asked him to sign the number and he goes, "I already signed for you." LOL.

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    Would you be willing to trade the chase d'aranud and tyler clippard signed 2012 topps heritage

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    Very nice pick ups! Was wondering if you would be willing to trade your dups of the 2011 Heritage Minor League cards you got signed recently:

    Locke and Marte?


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    Oil Can Boyd Book Signing

    Oil Can was a town over from me signing his book "They Call Me Oil Can" at a local library and decided to check it out, caved in and bought the book even though I knew he'd sign whatever anyway but I'm looking forward to reading it when I get some down time. Dennis did a background on himself, the book, talked about baseball today, the Red Sox, his time with the Expos, the 86 season, everything you could think of. Always a class act and a change of pace to get a low stress low key event to hit.

    Oil Can 10/11: book + 9 cards...kept the extra rookie card I had to give to his daughter

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    Crosby, Stills & Nash

    Went for the trio earlier today on arrival at the venue pretty easy work with 30min was able to get Stills and Nash waited on Crosby even though I was well aware of his habits and some stories about how rough he is, had a good shot at him and he turned me down however I will say he was very nice about it, was going to go back to try later but he told me he wasn't signing at all tonight, that and Steven Stills took a picture of me and the other guys waiting so he knows what we'd look like if we tried later for him.

    Steven Stills 1/1 8x10
    Graham Nash 1/1 8x10
    David Crosby 0/1

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    Erie Sea Wolves @ NB Rockcats

    Went for Erie, well pretty much Nick Castellanos and there were some questions of whether he’d be there since he hurt his hand a few nights ago in Harrisburg and needed x-rays yesterday but he was present just not playing. Had pretty good success with him despite the strict 1 per rumors, was actually done with what I had well before first pitch the excepted of Ramon Garcia who was the starter and Rene Tosoni (who refused to sign) and Matt Rizzotti but certainly not worth sticking around just for that. Got most of what I had done but that wasn’t much to begin with but pleased with how I did with Castellanos.


    Stu Cliburn 2/14, 12/12…was late coming in finished the rest after BP talk to me about the different spellings of his name, and his time in the senior league where he played with Ron Washington.

    Steve Hirschfield 4/4
    Aaron Thompson 6/6
    James Beresford 4/4
    Matt Rizzotti 3/7…”I might get the rest later”
    Aaron Hicks 2/2
    Rene Tosoni 0/3..”not now I got stuff to do”


    Jerry Martin 5/5
    Ray Burris 0/fer (as expected) “My baseball autographing days are over”

    Patrick Cooper 1/1..Talked about his disdain for Dodd Stadium when I brought up the CT Tigers first season for which he was apart of

    Ramon Garcia 0/5…starting
    David Kopp 1/1
    Zack Segovia 8/8…signed a few, then said I’ll do the different ones left me with one then asked to just finish it off and he did so (by looking at the autos it’ll be obvious to find the last one he reluctantly did)

    Robbie Weinhardt 1/1
    Nick Castellanos 1/1 SS ROMLB w/”2010 First Round Pick”, 1/1 8x10, 2/2, 1/1 (help)
    Corey Jones 6/6
    Jaime Johnson 8/8


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