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Thread: Your 1 dream autograph?

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    Jim Brown on his RC. I think I am gonna go through with this, when he is next is in my Philly Area.
    E-A-G-L-E-S... EAGLES!

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    Adam Sandler on the DVD cover of big daddy.

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    Mike Piazza on a photo of him hitting the HR right after 9/11.

    For deceased, I would want Satchel Paige on a Negro League game used baseball. That would be SICK.
    "The Mets have shown me more ways to lose than I even know existed" -Casey Stengel
    Let's go: Mets/Giants/Knicks/Rangers/Wild/Chelsea/Rutgers
    Autographs of Larry Walker, Yadier Molina, Jason Simontacchi, and So Taguchi Wanted!
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    Would love to get a ball/picture/etc signed by Maddux, Smoltz, and Glavine
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    Sandy Koufax on my dodger poster signed by 59 current/former dodgers, I'm even considering paying a good chunk of change to make this happen, once I ever get him, the poster will be finished for good!!!

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    Wow, deciding on one living person is tough. I am a big fan of the Sandy Koufax on an 8x10 and a ball but I will never get that. Realistically would be for a signed 16x20 of New York Rangers goalies Henrik Lundqvist, Mike Richter, John Vanbiesbrouck, and Eddie Giacomin. I have this crazy picture in my head of how I want it to look. What sucks even more is Henrik, Richter, and Giacomin are doing a signing this Sunday in New York along with Dubinsky and Callahan and I can't go because it is in the middle of the Giants playoff game! SMH.
    I collect NY Yankees, NY Giants, NY Rangers, NY Knicks, and NJ Nets. I am willing to trade. PM me if you have any cards signed by players from these teams.

    Working on collecting all living New York Giants (football) and New York Yankees. The question is which team drives me nuts first!!!

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    I Know that this is random, but you know how all the nba players had to sign a card during the votes in the lockout? Imagine getting those cards... That'd be awesome!!
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    Well I Would Love To Get Mays in my 16x20 of "The Catch"
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    Also Looking For Rays And Buccaneers. NO PAYPAL PLEASE!!

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