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Thread: Your 1 dream autograph?

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    Im not too sure on what I would have signed however I would love to get Paul McCartney, Bill Withers and Ted Nugent. I honestly think if I could have one living auto on a specific piece it would be an acoustic guitar signed by Bill Withers.

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    Bobby will sign send it to his address in the players list i have gottin it in person an from the address thay are the same

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    My all time auto want.
    currently... Bob Matheson, Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Lothridge.
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    Michael Jordan or OJ simpson IP. My dream lists of deceased athletes would include Walter Payton my childhood hero also Wilt Chamberlain, Mickey Mantle, Jackie Robinson and Babe Ruth.
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    Howard Stern.. an official autograph from a major card company.. if I had to pick one it would be Allen & Ginter.

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    Hockey- Bobby Orr (in person, will never happen); Ken Dryden (same).

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    Walter Johnson single signed... there are a few on ebay... but the money would be better used towards a house haha... or would it.

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    Kings Stanley Cup Team Picture Signed By All Members (May be once in a lifetime opportunity)

    Triple Crown Line On Jersey (Got a Simmer jersey, might work on this)

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    Original Appetite for Destruction vinyl cover signed by the entire original band.
    Like Philly INK on facebook for a list of Philly area autograph signings
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