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Thread: Your 1 dream autograph?

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    I sort of have mine in that I have two of my favorite players (Yogi & Michael). Of course, I would love to add Derek Jeter & LeBron James!

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    Sports: Nile Kinnick
    Entertainment: Alfred Hitchcock

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    The great eight all on one photo or ball

    I have seven of the eight individually but still need Geronimo. Would love to have all on one piece, add Sparky and it would be complete. Not willing to shell out the 4 Benjamins just yet for one.

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    Lou Brock on a game used base or Ozzie Smith and Alan Trammell on a golden glove

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    Mike Piazza on anything marlins related- but I'll settle for a marlins card.

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    A Clint Eastwood signed 44 magnum

    (or empty chair, ha ha poor Clint)

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    Michael Jordan on a Game Used North Carolina Jersey
    Wanting Jerry West & Former Tar Heels

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    An autographed Jordan RC. Or mabey an autographed 1952 Mickey Mantle auto certified by PSADNA.
    Drug and smoke free trading.

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