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    custom card TTM'rs ~ question on your returns

    I know alot of you who do make customes to mail off for TTM leave space in the cards for autographs. How often do the players stay within the autograph spots. Are there times where they just sign somewhere totally different? If you do not mind I would love to see a few that are just signed in silly places. I assume that you would just turn them into home made cuts should that happen?
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    The backs of my customs are typically blank. From time to time, I'll have a player sign on the blank side. I've started turning those into cuts. If they sign the front of the card, even in an undesirable area, I'll leave it alone.

    Here's the Ty Lawson I turned into a cut after he signed the blank side:

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    The back is a bit more important than the front to me because it contains the stats but if the card is white-ish then it's not really a problem for the player to sign and for it to be visible. They can figure out where to sign usually so you don't have to worry about leaving a separate place for the signature. I've gotten a returns from 9 out of 11 players in terms of customs so far. This is where they've signed on each one, only the first one is signed on the back because there's a lot going on in the front of the card (another one is signed on both the front and back):

    The one on the right is was not a custom, extra included by the player:

    The two on top were not customs, extras the player included

    I find the blank spaces to be a bit awkward especially if the player ends up not signing the custom or it's not for a TTM. If you're unsure then this effect is a good idea to do, it looks fine even without a signature. I actually made that Dickie Moore card based a bit on the front of these Gypsy Queen baseball cards:
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