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Thread: Gems of the Game

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    Gems of the Game

    I haven't collected basketball cards since the mid 90s but had the sudden urge to buy a pack or two when my mother informed me that she still has my Anfernee Hardaway cards. I went to Walmart and saw a box called Gems of the Game which I decided to purchase. Not knowing what to expect, I opened up the box and found 2x Upper Deck Jason Richardson Diamond Collection Jersey cards floating loosely around the box, luckily both of them came out mostly unscathed (other than some minor corner dings).

    I proceeded to open the random assortment of (10) packs and found the following:

    07-08 Fleer Kevin Durant Rookie Retro
    09 Donruss Elite Bill Russel/Robert Parish Passing The Torch
    09 R&S Dirk Nowitzki Gold Stars 120/250
    07-08 Fleer Kobe Bryant Decades of Excellence
    08-09 Upper Deck Magic Johnson All Star Class
    08-09 Upper Deck Kevin Garnett Starquest Common
    08-09 Hot Prospects Jason Thompson Rookie Blue
    09-10 Upper Deck Jeff Teague Star Rookies Gold
    09 Panini Threads Walt Frazier Legends
    07-08 Hot Prospects Corey Brewer Notable Newcomers

    09-10 Upper Deck Michael Jordan Base
    09-10 Upper Deck Kobe Bryant Base
    09-10 Upper Deck Allen Iverson Base
    07-08 Hot Prospects Lebron James Base
    07-08 Hot Prospects Dwight Howard Base
    09 R&S Chris Paul Base
    07-08 Fleer Paul Gasol Base
    08-09 Upper Deck Yao Ming Base

    Not sure what is considered a good break nowadays, but not having opened a pack of cards since I was 15, this was quite exciting to say the least. Surprisingly most of these cards were in mint condition. I may have rediscovered a long lost hobby of mine...
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    Welcome back to the world of collecting... I am interested to trade for your Durant RC.. LMK who or what you are collecting at present..

    i have some Penny Hardaway cards i can move as well..


    93-94 Hoops #380 RC
    93-94 Skybox #259 RC
    93-94 Skybox DRAFT PICKS
    93-94 TSC #308 RC x4
    93-94 TSC #266 NEW WAVE
    93-94 UD SE #51 RC x3
    93-94 Ultra #305 RC
    94-95 Flair #106
    94-95 Fleer MAGIC MAN
    94-95 Fleer YOUNG LION
    1994 TSC DESTINY
    96-97 Metal #69 x2
    96-97 Metal #124 METALLIZED 
    97-98 TSC #194
    97-98 Z Force #1 x2
    97-98 Z Force SUPER BOSS
    1997 UD TEAMMATES DieCut
    98-99 SPA #62
    98-99 Ultra #89
    99-00 Hoops NAMEPLATES
    99-00 Topps #48 
    00-01 Bowman #39
    00-01 Futures #123
    00-01 Gametime #44
    00-01 Genuine #54
    00-01 Pros and Prospects #64
    00-01 Topps #209 x2
    00-01 Tradition #153
    00-01 TSC #60
    2001 Topps Expectations #96
    01-02 Inspirations #70
    01-02 UD #133
    02-03 Platinum #24
    04-05 Topps #178
    04-05 Tradition #111
    04-05 UD #134
    06-07 Topps Chrome #48 
    09-10 Studio #120 x2
    10-11 SPA #37 x3
    11-12 SPA #5 x2
    Concentrating on Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in USA Team Uniforms...

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    i have lots of anfernee hardaway cards available! let me know which Anfernee cards you have also,if you have any i need i will trade for or buy them

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    I'm having my mom ship me the Hardaway cards so I'll have to check which ones I have... I'm guessing I have some other players in my childhood collection as well. Just realized that the Dirk Gold Stars is a Holofoil thus the 120/250. Pretty cool!

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