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    Darren Collison National Tresures Auto Patch RC #62/99 3 color/8 breaks

    This is his true Auto RC I am looking for paypal on this. They are selling pretty good right now especially with the Pacers success and how good they are playing this year as he is the starting PG. Im only asking for $30 Paypal shipped and will send out ASAP.

    He signed all of these on the jersey piece.

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    Bump His cards are going up. one sold for 165.
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    Bump for this nice investment. This is the last card I havein my collection, just got the redemption after I sold all my others. Great Card to have because the value can only go up on it this year, I just would rather have the cash then wait.

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    Bump for this Auto RC of Darren Collison. $30 paypal shipped to anyone who wants it.. he is heating up! Card is selling pretty good right now. Get it cheap

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    he plays for the mavs btw and pm me if u can go any lower if u trying to move it

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